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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons: City on the Edge - When Death Calls

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DDAL07-01 City on the Edge
DDAL07-02 Over the Edge

You can buy Tomb of Annihilation right here.
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Tomb of Annihilation will be out very soon. What better way to get ready than to check out the first Adventurer's League adventure? Today we'll look at the 4th of 5 mini-adventures.

This has spoilers. Don't be a turd.

We visit with Alastar Bol of the Order of the Gauntlet. He's got servants fanning him, which is very amusing.

Residents of the Old City section of Port Nyanzaru are disappearing and then making surprise returns as undead monstrosities! Alastar sent a dude named Derio to check it out, but he never returned. Look like it's up to us to solve this dilemma for a cool 60 gold.

The boxed text for Old City mentions a long, stone-lined pit right next to a road. That sounds cool.

We must ask the locals, angry batman style, to get some leads.

Along the way we might fight some "amplified undead", who are faster and more brutal than their counterparts. They are zombies with a higher speed and claws.

We eventually suspect there are snake-people involved - the yuan-ti, I reckon.

We go into a dungeon.

The Bladed Path: This is very cool. The group will need to figure out a certain pattern to open a door. Do it wrong? "A set of three giant pendulum blades swing down from the ceiling from one side to the other."


Then we hit the final encounter, involving a pit, precarious walkways, and zombies that run real fast. Speed of 35. Yikes.

Very good adventure! I still like the dinosaur race the best so far, but this one is definitely a great low-level adventure for any campaign.

Click here to read about the final mission, where the heroes finally meet Soggy Wren.


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