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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dungeons & Dragons - A Guide to Corellon, God of Elves

Corellon vs. Lolth
This guide is an attempt to collect the lore of Corellon, God of the Elves. Hopefully this can be used as a reference if you decide to use Corellon in your campaign.

Gruumsh, God of Orcs: There is a bit of overlap between this and my Gruumsh guide, so check that one out for the details of the elf/orc issue.

Corellon's Gender: I find this god interesting for many reasons, one of which being that Corellon's gender shifts. In most books, Corellon is referred to as a "he." In 5th edition, they went out of their way to explain (PH page 121): "The elf god Corellon Larethian is often seen as androgynous or hermaphroditic."

The Essential Information
  • Corellon Larethian is god of elves and the leader of the elf pantheon known as the Seldarine. 
  • Ruler of Arvandor, a planar realm that elves go to when they move on from the mortal world.
  • (Wife) Sehanine, elven goddess of the moon. 
  • Realmslore: The Forgotten Realms setting has some differences. Corellon's wife in the Realms books is Angharradh, a combination of the personification of three gods.
  • (Daughter) Eilistree - Lolth is her mother.
  • (Deceased - Son) The Rose King - Enemy of the Drow.
  • (Deceased - Daughter) Eliara - The Perfect Elf, legendary archer.
  • (Servitors) Lashrael and Felarathael - Twin elf messengers in gleaming white robes.
  • Sahandrian: His longsword, made from a star.
  • Amiath'hana: His magic bow that never misses.
  • The elves were created from Corellon's blood and Sehanine's tears.
  • Corellon is alternately male or female, both or neither.
  • Corellon and Gruumsh are twins, sons of a progenitor god.
  • They fought side-by-side in the Dawn War. 
  • Lolth betrayed and nearly killed Corellon. He banished her to the Underdark.
  • Corellon cut out Gruumsh's eye during the Godswar.
Corellon's Titles
  • Coronal of Arvandor
  • The Divine Muse
  • Creator of all Elvenkind
  • First of the Seldarine
  • Preserver of Life
  • The Protector
  • Ruler of All Elves
The Seldarine

  • Rillifane Rallathil: God of nature
  • Labelas Enoreth: God of longevity
  • Hanali Celanil: Goddess of romantic love
  • Aerdrie Faenya: Goddess of air, weather, avians
  • Deep Sashlas: God of creation, magic, sea elves
  • Erevan Ilesere: God of mischief, change, rogues
  • Fenmarel Mestarine: God of feral elves, scapegoats
  • Sehanine Moonbow: Goddess of dreams, death, journeys
  • Solonor Thelandira: God of archery, hunting
There are a bunch more elven gods in old issues of Dragon Magazine, but this list seems to be the main group.

Deities & Demigods

This is where Corellon debuted. Here's what we learn:
  • Corellon is the patron of music, poetry and magic.
  • "Corellon is alternately male or female, both or neither." Corellon banished Lolth from the sunlit Upperworld.
  • The race of elves sprang from the drops of blood Corellon shed in battle with Lolth and other demons.
  • Corellon has a magic bow that never misses.
The Complete Book of Elves

Corellon vs. Lolth
This book has tons of information. It has some cool stuff in it, but it feels like they could have done more.

The Godswar: Gruumsh hated the elven gods and wanted their blood. He gathered some evil gods together for an assault. Corellon called on The Seldarine for aid, along with Moradin and Garl Glittergold. It was an epic battle.

As the fighting wound down, Corellon and Gruumsh continued to fight. "They traversed the planes, and they splashed the others blood across the lands."

Aided by tears from the moon, Corellon drew back his sword and cut out Gruumsh's eye. Gruumsh fled. The elves were created from the blood and tears.

Daughter of Corellon: After the Godswar, Corellon had a child named Eliara. She was the most perfect elf ever born. She was a great archer who killed a red dragon with a single arrow through the eye, but the dragon fell on a tree that collapsed and killed her. At her funeral, the elven mourning song was born.

The Elfwar

The Elfwar: The elf race flourished, but began to bicker internally. Lolth granted some elves dark magic. Eventually, a war broke out between Lolth's elves and Corellon's elves.

The Elfwar lasted for decades. Lolth's elves became known as Drow. Corellon attacked Lolth herself. He drove her deep into the earth and was victorious.

After the last drow was driven underground, the elf gods went to Arvandor, abandoning the elves to their own devices.

Monster Mythology
  • Corellon has "dazzling battle gauntlets."
  • He is the overseer and guardian of the elves. The refer to him as "the protector and preserver of my life."
  • He keeps a careful eye on the boundaries of elven lands.
  • He creates magical woodland mazes that reveal deeper secrets to those who explore them.
There is a big story about Corellon and Lafarallinn:

Lafarallin was an elf ranger. He had a ring of detect evil and he killed anything that was evil.

Corellon proceeded to have him meet a beautiful, evil thief with a fatal disease. Lafarallin couldn't bring himself to kill her. He tried to find a cure for her, but she died of the disease.

Corellon appeared before him and explained to him that love, mercy and pity divide good from evil. He thought he had taught Lafarallin a lesson.

Years later, Corellon had forgotten all about Lafarallin and bumped into him. Looking at the miserable wretch, Corellon realized he himself had shown Larafallin no mercy. He magically healed Lafarallin and together they went to the Abyss to reclaim the soul of the thief.

On Hallowed Ground

Arvandaith is also known as Arvandor. The elven gods won the realm from the gods of the giants. Giant ruins litter the glades and meadows.
  • Corellon lives in a marble tower in the heart of Arvandor. Smaller towers spin off of it. The rooms inside are never the same twice.
  • Adarc Brightleaf: Corellon's proxy, a quick thinking elf. Has the power of foresight.
  • Eimher Flow: Close confidant of Corellon. She is fiercely devoted. Very blunt and forthright. Can charm anyone in Arvandor except the gods.
Demihuman Deities

Corellon had a daughter with Lolth. Her name is Eilistree, a drow deity. Corellon banished her from Arvandor after the Elfwar.
  • Sehanine is Corellon's consort. 
  • Corellon oversees elven high magic.  
  • Apparently now Corellon banished Lolth to the Abyss and "named her tanar'ri." He made her into a demon? 
  • Corellon has a lot of enemies - anyone who tries to oppose elves.
  • Corellon always wears a sky-blue cloak, a large amulet in the shape of a crescent moon and battle gauntlets.
  • Sahandrian: Corellon's giant, glittering long sword. Does double damage to goblinkin.
  • Amiath'hana: A long bow +5 that never misses to a range of one mile.
Sometimes Corellon manifests as an azure nimbus that envelops a creature, weapon or natural geological formation in an aura of flickering sky blue flame.

There are special divine spells for followers of Corellon:
  • (lvl 1) Augment Artistry: Gives a bonus to checks when creating art which could be gem-cutting, painting, dancing, singing, etc.
  • (lvl 1) Sixth Sense: Alerts the caster of danger within 10 feet. Lasts for an hour.
  • (lvl 4) Sylvan Creature Form: The caster can turn into a sylvan creature like a dryad, nymph, pixie or satyr. You can't become a centaur or unicorn.
  • (lvl 5) Crystallomancy: The caster can use a clear gemstone as a scrying device. The caster can use it like a crystal ball - certain divination spells can be cast through it on the location shown in the crystal (detect magic, detect evil, etc.)
Elves of Evermeet

Corellon vs. Gruumsh
Servitor Twins: Corellon has two demigod servitors, Lashrael and Felarathael. They are tall shining androgynous elves in gleaming white robes. They deliver messages for Corellon to various worlds and planes. Lashrael is emotional, Felarathael is rational. They have the power to put people to sleep, teleport them d10 miles away or polymorph them into woodland animals.

Home: Corellon lives in Gwyllachaightaeryll, the Many-Splendored - a tower in Arvandor.

Seekers of the Misty Isle: An organization devoted to finding an elven island stolen by Gruumsh and Kurtulmak.

Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower: An organization devoted to recovering lost elven relics.

Prayer: Prayers to Corellon, which are always in Elvish, begin "Hei-Corellon shar-shelevu," which means, "Corellon, by your grace grant..." Before battle, worshipers of Corellon recite a prayer called the Litany of Arrows.

I looked for this prayer online, but I don't think there is an official version. There are some homebrewed ones. Apparently one was taken from the Dark Tower series.

D&D 3rd Edition

Deities & Demigods

Corellon and Eilistree
Check this out: "As a greater deity, Corellon automatically receives the best possible result on any die roll he makes (including attack rolls, damage, checks and saves)."

Faiths and Pantheons

Not much new, but we get some cool art. Everybody draws Corellon so differently. Corellon's longsword Sahandrian is made from a star.

Races of the Wild

Champion of Corellon
This book is pretty great. Elves have a whole section with tons of good, useful content. The Corellon entry doesn't really have anything new, but there's a lot other stuff:

Champion of Corellon Larethian: This is a prestige class. The champions hold a special place in elf society. They are advisors, bodyguards and questing knights. They belong to a religious order known as the Aelavellin Corellon ("The Sword Knights of Corellon"). They have some special powers:
  • Corellon's Blessing: This power is like lay on hands. You can also use it to damage undead.
  • Corellon's Wrath: You can channel Corellon's energy into your weapon for extra damage a few times per day.
Complete Divine

A Seeker of the Misty Isle
There is a prestige class tied to Corellon. This is an expansion of the ideas in Elves of Evermeet:

Seeker of the Misty Isle: Gruumsh and Kurtulmak whisked away the Misty Isle, a precious island that is the site where the elves were first born.

A portal to the Misty Isle could be hidden anywhere - a lonely mountain or even the Abyss. The Seekers spend their entire lives searching. They have a special trait:
  • Corellon's Perception: Has enhanced sight and hearing.
Millenial Chainmail: It is made of pale green rings and it painlessly extends roots onto the wearer's skin. These roots give the wearer special healing benefits.

D&D 4th Edition

There is a ton of Corellon material in 4e! Everything from magic items to lore to a massive elaboration on what Arvandor is like.

Player's Handbook

Symbol of Corellon
Corellon is one of the core gods in 4th edition. There's a note that Corellon is often depicted as an eladrin, but that Corellon transcends physical laws and can appear as whatever. More details:
  • God of Spring, beauty and the arts.
  • Patron of arcane magic and the fey.
  • Shrines to Corellon are found throughout the Feywild.
  • One of the goals of the followers: Thwart Lolth at every opportunity.
Wizard of the Spiral Tower
There is a paragon path linked to Corellon:

Wizard of the Spiral Tower: The traditions of the Spiral Tower are the arcane teachings of the followers of Corellon. They can casts spells through their sword and "the secrets of the Feywild become pages in your spellbook." Their swords glow with the arcane beauty of the Feywild.

Manual of the Planes

In the feywild city of Astrazalian, there is a temple of Corellon called the Tower of Stars.

Arvandor, the Verdant Isles: In 4th, Arvandor is moved to the Astral Sea, which is weird. Corellon and Sehanine live here, but they are frequently absent. Corellon often roams the Feywild.

The Ruesti: Arvandor is home to the ruesti - exalted souls of eladrin and elves. They are spirits whose great beauty/wisdom/skill/deeds in life earned them approval in Corellon's eyes.

Arvandor is made up of six islands up to 100 miles in length each. Some are detailed:
  • Estaira: "Elevenhome." Ruesti and fey roam the forest. Gloaming eladrin towers dot the island's shores.
  • Gloaminghold: This isle is tiny, and is home to a legendary tiefling warlock named Duskmoon. The halls are filled with curiosities and magical guardians.
  • Nath Seldarie: This is where the Seldarine feast, revel and take council. Walls of enchanted mist ward intruders away.
Dragon 378 - Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms

In this version of the 4e realms, Corellon is the Forgotten Realms god of arcana, skill and wilderness. Not much information here. It says that the lush reaches of the Feywild owe much of their beauty to Corellon.

Adventurers Vault

Star of Corellon: This star-shaped pendant flashes with an inner light when you unleash arcane or divine energy. The symbol boosts healing powers and cleric/paladin channel divinity abilities.

Adventurers Vault 2 

The Screaming Bow: This bow has silver eagle talons mounted at either end and a golden bowstring. Arrows drawn on the string are transformed into the likeness of a screaming eagle's head. Once the arrow flies, it shrieks.

It contains a soul fragment from an elf warrior slain in battle. Only the ruesti who reside in Arvandor can provide a portion of their soul to reside in the bow.

Ribbon of Limitless Questions: The first one of these was inscribed on cloth by Corellon with ink mixed from golden sunlight and mithral dust. When this blue, silky ribbon is unrolled, a new question appears on it in glowing gold and silver runes.

This item allows you to ask an extra question with any spell like speak with dead. It also boosts certain skill checks dealing with intelligence and charisma.

Dungeon Masters Guide 2

Boon of Corellon: "Corellon brought arcane magic to the world. Mortals who please him gain access to powers that otherwise take years of study to master." It lets you use powers/spells you normally can't use.

Emblem of Ossandrya: This is an artifact: "This medallion, shaped like a shield and glowing with soft golden light, bears Corellon's star symbol in its center."

A legendary eladrin named Ossandrya wore this in the Last Battle of the Spiral Tower, which was hen the drow were finally driven out of the Feywild.

The item is sentient and devoted to the cause of justice and good. It nurtures heroes, spreads the story of their deeds and encourages daring acts, bold action, and clever strategems.

When you touch this item, it telepathically asks you if you seek glory for your heroic deeds If yes, it attaches itself to your armor or clothing to the left of your heart. It speaks almost every language. It hares the lore of other heroes.

It grants poison resistance, bonuses to certain skill checks and saving throws, and allows you to re-roll a die roll once per day.

Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium

Greater Staff of Power: This is a copy of a staff wielded by Corellon in the Dawn War. It is covered in thousands of runes that glow green.

The staff has a bunch of powers that block attacks and do damage to those who just hit you. It also lets you re-roll an attack roll.

Wand of Conjuring: This wand is made from metal that is infused with magic from the blood of Corellon. This blood was spilled way back when Lolth attacked Corellon and sparked the Elfwar.

This metal wand is covered in silvery runes that glow with arcane might. Here and there, strands and crystals seem to exude from it. The wand can create a large zone that does damage to all creatures each round - you choose the damage (fire/cold/poison). You can choose to fill it with darkness instead.

There's a whole paragraph that sort of encourages you to have your characters go to the cave where the battle between Lolth and Corellon took place.

Heroes of the Feywild

Learned in the Temple of Corellon: This is a pseudo-background. The character sought formal training at the temple. The player rolls a wisdom check. High means the character understands the teachings and gains a special "discovery event." A mid-level roll means the character didn't get it. Low means you are shunned and the player rolls on the "ruined" table.
  • Discovery: The character might have had a prophetic vision from Corellon.
  • Ruined: The character either fell in with the wrong crowd or went on a quest for redemption.
Divine Power

Chosen of Corellon: This is a paragon path. These paladins are knights of the eladrin courts. They serve the fey. This is an update of the 3e Aelavellin Seldarine - the Knights of the Seldarine.

There is a section on domains.

Corellon Domain: "You feel Corellon's favor when you find and foster magic and when you protect or create beauty."

Blessing of Corellon: This feat lets the character heal an ally when elven accuracy hits.

Dragon Magazine #373 - Art of the Kill

Corellon's Wrath Style: This feat lets the character do more damage to demons, drow, orcs and spiders.

Dragon #384 - Bazaar of the Bizarre: Legendary Figures

Bronze Griffon: An alchemist named Boreani created nine of these statuettes for nine eladrin lords. In the eon since, the figurines have scattered across the planes.

You can use this item to summon a griffon for you to ride. When it's summoned you can also give it temporary hit points.

The Plane Above

According to this book, Arvandor is not "elf heaven." There were three big events that shaped Arvandor:
  1. Triune Harmony Lost: Corellon, Sehanine and Lolth headed the fey pantheon. Lolth kicked off the Elfwar just as the Dawn War started. She nearly killed Corellon, but Sehanine saved him.
  2. Gods of All Races: During the Dawn War, Corellon and Sehanine realized that the other mortal races were beautiful too. They went from elf gods to gods worshiped by many mortal races.
  3. The Glorious Hunt: The ruesti are still here! They help track and slay any abomination that cuts loose in the realm. Sometimes, a hideous creature from the prison plane of Carceri is able to escape through a portal to Arvandor. These events are called the Glorious Hunt. "A ruesti who dies while on the Hunt can expect to receive only between three and a dozen resurrections inside Arvandor before dying a final death."
There is a description of different areas in Arvandor. I especially like this one:

The Wasteland of Burnt Blood: A ravaged black desert pitted by pools of scalding red liquid. This is a result of the ancient battle between Corellon and Gruumsh.

It says that Gruumsh came to Arvandor and Corellon battled him atop a mountain. Corellon won. Gruumsh's blood fell in thick droplets that scalded the land for ten miles in all directions. In this tainted land, all creatures have +2 damage and -2 AC.

There's a nice big sidebar about Corellon and Gruumsh. "Some stories cast Corellon and Gruumsh as divine echoes, showing Corellon blessed with the power of beautiful creation, while Gruumsh can only destroy."

The story hints that Lolth was having secret relations with Gruumsh behind Corellon's back prior to this! How about that?

Dragon Magazine #386 - Channel Divinity: Corellon the House of Flowers

The Rose King, son of Corellon
Corellon has a son. He is the Rose King, an Elric-looking fellow who led a massive assault on the drow. Things went very poorly. His daughter was one of the few survivors. The Rose King was apparently killed by a band of drow matriarchs.

His daughter, Liria, and the captain of the guard fled deeper into the Feywild. They founded a place called The House of Flowers. They have a spy network watching the drow who recruit people to join their cause.

Dragon Magazine #394 - Channel Divinity: Corellon's Devoted

Azure Guard
This is one massive article by Robert Schwalb, one of the most prolific and fantastic of the 4e creators.

Nobody knows how the elves were created. There are three main theories:
  1. Corruption: Elves arose from the tears Corellon wept from sorrow, beauty and mirth the days before Lolth's fall, when he lived in perfect harmony with her and her sister Sehanine. Lolth's corruption eventually sparked the Elfwar.
  2. Betrayal: Lolth was not Sehanine's sister but was a vile demon who seduced Corellon. When Corellon realized this, he fought and banished her to the darkness. The blood Corellon spilled from this battle created the first elves.
  3. Battle: Corellon and Gruumsh were twin siblings. They had a titanic struggle for dominance and the spilled blood produced orcs and elves. "If this tale is true, then there is an unsettling bond between these two races - one no right-thinking elf would dare to accept."
There are theories as to why Lolth turned:
  • Traitor: Lolth thought the primordials were going to win the Dawn War and decided to turn against the gods.
  • Evil: The Chained God and his demons corrupted her.
  • Jealousy: She hated Sehanine, her sister, and wanted Corellon for herself.
  • The Maiming of Gruumsh: This is thought to have taken place after the Dawn War. They battled for seven days and seven nights. There was a distraction that cost Gruumsh his eye. The distraction was caused by Sehanine or Lolth.. or both. Nobody knows except the gods.
Omens and Signs: Corellon sometimes uses stars to send an omen, especially the azure star. Falling stars suggest Corellon offers support. A falling star moving across the crescent moon indicates displeasure.

The Misty Isle: There is a big sidebar on this topic. Not a lot of new information. The Misty Isle is where Corellon's tears first fell to the world and created the elven race. Gruumsh and Kurtulmak stole the island and hid it in a place none would ever find.

Azure Guard: These warriors prepare for the day when the drow invade. They sometimes refer to the drow as "The Banished Darkness."
  • You can only join by invitation.
  • They can teleport their enemies, blind and immobilize them.
  • They can teleport.
  • They can summon an aura of blue luminescence that does radiant damage.

D&D 5th Edition

Player's Handbook

In 5e, Corellon is the elf deity of art and magic. Corellon is chaotic good and the suggested domain is light. From what I understand, he is mentioned a few times in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, but there is nothing earth-shattering.

Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

This book has an entire chapter on elves.


  • Chaotic Good
  • Province: Primary god of elves
  • Suggested Domains: Arcana, Life, Light, War
  • Common Symbol: Quarter Moon or Starburst

Chaos and beauty personified. Loves magic, artistry, nature, and freedom. 

Deep Joy: "Anyone who has felt the mystical presence of Corellon describes it as a joy like no other, followed by a deep melancholy when his presence is no longer felt."

Raw Magic: Some speculate that Corellon is the personification of raw magic itself, the primal force that underlies the multiverse. Magic in its original form: a well of endless, splendid possibilities.

History: Before elves existed, Corellon danced from world to world and plane to plane. Corellon could take the form of anything, including a "teasing breeze" or a flock of birds. 

Gruumsh did not care for Corellon's mutability/passionate behavior and attacked Corellon. Gruumsh lost his eye in this conflict.

"Depending on who does the telling, the battle was a clash of titans fought across many planes and worlds, or it was little more than an annoyance to Corellon."

The first elves emerged from the blood Corellon shed. Many of them followed Corellon around and also had the power of mutability. Corellon named them, and in doing so, each became an elven god (Aerdrie, Solonor, Labelas, etc.)

One new elven god was Lolth. Lolth convinced the other elven gods to take static forms - she hoped to unite them to make an impact on the mortal worlds.

The elven gods began to view Corellon as their father, and Lolth as their mother. The elves began to choose loyalty to one over the other.

Lolth tried to kill Corellon, but failed. Corellon and Lolth parted ways. Lolth became a demon lord in the Abyss, and Corellon became the "de facto leader of a pantheon that could no longer be trusted.

  • The elf gods who stayed loyal to Corellon became known as the Seldarine.
  • Corellon cast out the primal elves from Arvandor to the Material Plane.
  • The elves who most revered Lolth became drow. 
  • Elves who stayed in the Feywild became the eladrin.

When an elven soul returns to Arvandor, it is adopted by the other gods of the Seldarine and given respite from the world for a time, during which it is left alone to contemplate its creator's disappointment. Then the soul emerges from Arvandor, to be "reborn into a lissome, graceful body that for an incredibly long time.."

As long as Lolth exists, the responsibility for her betrayal falls on all elves. 


  • Chaotic Good
  • Province: Freedom, moonlight, song
  • Suggested Domain: Life, Light, Nature
  • Common Symbol: Sword-wielding, dancing female drow silhouetted against the full moon.

A god of moonlight, dance, and song. She rejects the evil ways of Lolth. 

When drow go to the surface, she calls to them with song. Those drow who respond to it and remain on the surface world "opens her followers' hearts to the wonder of nature in night, and her songs and signs can show a drow how to persevere in that alien environment."

"Drow who are beloved by Eilistraee sometimes appear to vanish when they die, as the body dissolves into pale light and leaves no clue to where the soul has gone."


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