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Monday, November 6, 2017

Planescape - Blood War XXVI. The Lord of Rippling Waves

Almost caught up! We should play again next week, where we'll go into the final stretch that will somehow involve fighting the demon lord Lamashtu and/or Iggwilv the Witch Queen.

The Party

(Jessie) Bidam - Black-Scaled Dragonborn Fighter
(George) Theran - Golden Slaad Wizard

Mirror Placement: The heroes rested after their stealth mission in Abysm. Bidam was excited about the idea of installing the magic mirror from Bzallin's Blacksphere into his home in Sigil. Where did he put it? On the ceiling above his hovering, rotating love bed partially covered in panther skin.

New Ally: They'd made friends with a dragon named Fearforge. They used magic paints to turn him into a gold dragon. He now called himself Goldforge. Bidam added the dragon to his family.

Bazuuma, Demon Lord of Positive Energy
Here's Bidam's family, in case you are wondering:
  • (Father) Bidam: Dragonborn embodiment of one of the three laws of the multiverse. 
  • (Mother) Bazuuma: Demon Queen, rules 2 abyssal layers, has 20 eyes that shoot eyebeams.
  • (Son) Pyranicus: Abyssal dragon magically aged to young adult status.
  • (Daughter) Pyranica: Abyssal dragon magically aged to young adult status.
  • (Foster Demon Teen) Prophyra: Sulky demon who puts on a tough front. 
  • (Uncle) Goldenforge: Gold Dragon and honorary uncle in charge of guarding the children.
It was time to do what they promised - they were going to free Nocticula from the control of Iggwilv. If Nocticula's truename was changed, then Iggwilv has no power over the succubus queen unless she learned the new truename, which is not exactly easy to do.

The heroes met with Nocticula in one of the empty cities in the Crystal Roads of Deluer. The adventurers would have to perform the truename ritual and petition one of three gods to change her alignment. The choices:
  • Demogorgon: Obviously, this was a bad idea. The group had just stolen from him. 
  • Ygorl, Slaad Lord of Entropy: Another bad idea. The group had just had another Slaad Lord abducted by modrons.
  • Corellon, God of the Elves: The heroes gave this a try and were soundly rebuffed.
The ritual was going wrong. A rip appeared in the air, spewing forth searing winds. A balor was trying to step through. The heroes just barely.. BARELY.. kept the balor from coming through and sealed the rift so that the ritual could continue. 

They dug through ancient stolen texts and found one more entity who could change truenames: Blipdoolpoolp!

The group called upon her, and she opened a portal to her realm. The heroes stepped through. Blipdoolpoolp didn't get many visitors. When the heroes explained that they were the ones selling her demon crustaceans, she was intrigued. They asked for her to change Nocticula's truename, but she wasn't too keen on the idea.

The group looked around. Blipdoolpoolp is worshiped and served by frog-people known as kuo-toa.

The heroes couldn't help but notice that the lobster-headed goddess seemed to fin Theran's golden frog form quite appealing. There was only one choice: Seduction. I'll spare you the details, but
Theran did what had to be done.

Blipdoolpoolp agreed to change the truename if the group did something for her. There was an entity trying to overthrow her. Its name was King Gadriga, Lord of the Dragon Turtles, Lord of the Rippling Waves. If the group could slay him, she'd do what they asked.

The heroes summoned their ghostly pirate ship and sailed the seas of Blipdoolpoolp's godly realm. The group tracked down the beast. It swam up underneath the ship and hook it! The group almost fell overboard. Then it breathed a spray of team at them.

We started to settle into a boring "You roll, I roll" rhythm but I snapped out of it and began running it in a more cinematic style.

Bidam jumped into the thing's mouth and slid into his intestines. Then he began using his breath weapon and slicing at the thing's bowels with his sword of sharpness.

Theran hit it with a fireball. The fire raced through the creature's body. Bidam had to out run the blast. There was only one way out - the sphincter. Bidam heroically dug through the dragon turtle's impressive fecal matter and jumped out of its butt with the flame following just after!

King Gadriga was dead, and Nocticula's truename was changed. Iggwilv would not be happy.


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