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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 70 - Tomb of Annihilation

Episode 70: The Serpent Eats the Sun Ross is back, playing the goblin Wumba. Wumba was not on good terms with the group when they parted ways, so this should be interesting.

The Party

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander
(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue
(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer
(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard
(Ross) Wumba - Batiri Goblin Warlock

The heroes just left the city at the center of the multiverse known as Sigil. Diath immediately destroys the portal key, which is described as a christmas tree air freshener.

I wonder if the christmas tree opening doors to Planescape is some kind of hint about what's around the corner in D&D land.

The people at the camp have fended off the undead. The group reunites with Waffles, Dragonbait and Paultin. Anna does an epic super-fast recap of everything he missed.

The leader of this camp, Commander Breakbone, is on top of a table ordering his captain to kill the baby grungs that are on the floor all around them.

Diath jumps up on the table next to Breakbone, pretends he was cursed by a frog and convinces Breakbone to run for his life. Diath points out that Breakbone isn't fit for duty. The captains agree, but they are stuck with him.

Evelyn leaves a note for "Carrot." Hmmmm

Time for the group to go to Orolunga, where there is an oracle that can help them figure out this whole death curse thing.

The group travels for 3 days. Strix refuses to sleep, worried that more enemies from Sigil will track her down. She doesn't suffer exhaustion, but she is frazzled.

On day 4, they come upon a burnt section of ground. It is in a pattern. The symbol of Dendar.! Apparently this is Wumba's doing.

There's a dead dinosaur nearby. Strix approaches it and checks it out.

Creatures burst out of it.  Su-Monsters! Chris says they unleash a "mind shriek"! All 4 attack Strix. She fails one save. She takes 13 psychic damage and is stunned.

Nets drop down from the trees. Ross insists these nets aren't meant for anyone in particular. They're neutral nets. Net neutrality! OK, that was exquisite.

Strix shakes off the stun. Diath cuts his way out of the net.

Wumba's turn. Ross has been sitting off camera for about 10 minutes. Then he dab-slides on camera. Wumba is on on the back of a pterafolk.

Wumba lands and plays it cool. He walks up to Diath... and punches him in the groin!

Paultin casts levitate on Wumba. It works. He's hovering one foot above the ground.

Strix gives the su-monsters food and asks them to leave her alone. Wumba tries to air swim over to Strix, but it doesn't work out.

The pterafolk's names are Pterry and Pterrance.

Paultin reveals that Wumba killed his goblin brother, Wumba, while escaping the trapped shirne a few sessions back.

Strix gets tired of Wumba's rambling. Strix... fireballs him! Wow..

29 damage! Wumba is down and dying. He's still floating. Paultin is maintaining concentration. One pterafolk died as well.

Ross rolls a 20 on his death save. Wumba's up with one hit point! The group is outraged.

Someone in chat points out that wumba "got up again." Well done!

Strix drops another fireball and kills 3 su-monsters.

Wumba turns invisible. Apparently he has an invisible demon ally. Wumba orders it to attack. Evelyn casually decapitates the last su-monster.

The demon is a quasit, a very minor demon.

Wumba turns invisible. He's on the ground. Standing over him is... Waffles! The group loves this. Ross is dejected.

Waffles successfully perceives him even though he's invisible. She claws him for 10 points. She's eating him.

Diath walks over to Waffles and dabs as Wumba is devoured.

Evelyn annihilates the quasit with divine smite.

Suddenly, Strix falls to the ground. She's asleep.

A crack opens in the earth around the heroes. The earth peels back like a gigantic mouth.

A massive serpent with purple-black scales rises up. It looms over the group, 80 feet above them. It's Dendar!

Diath runs over and tries to awaken Strix. She has to make a Con save. She makes it!

The serpent roars and disappears into vapor.

Strix.. falls asleep again! Holly declared it! Oh man. Dendar's back.

Evelyn tells Diath to let her sleep. Then she casts compelled duel!! Good god. She is entering into a one-on-one battle with a deity.

Dendar seems to be endlessly long.

Paultin actually helps Evelyn, giving her bardic inspiration.

Strix wakes up again. The serpent becomes mist once more.

Th heroes figure out that this has something to do with wumba's relationship with Dendar. It might also have to do with the fact that the group is standing on dessicated ground.

It's not the real Dendar.. It's a facsimile of some kind, maybe an avatar or aspect.

Waffles poops out Wumba's whistle. That's where we stop!


Fun episode! I like Ross. He brings a lot of energy to the game. I can see the trolling getting old really fast, but I have no problem having him pop in every once in a while.

Anna was super-sharp tonight. The challenge was pretty epic, and the group's reactions were very cool and appropriate. Nate was definitely on the ball, tonight, too. Definitely a good show all around!

1 comment:

John Derivan said...

Pretty funny episode! I like how Wumba was trying to get Strix to feel bad about abandoning him and his brother; bUT Strix was just not having it.