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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Adventures in Eberron - The Elemental Airship

I'm still getting caught up on blog stuff. A few weeks ago, we played some more Eberron. In this game, I run an 11th (!) level sorcerer with a hairy chest.

We had gone on this mission in a Daask complex underneath the city of Sharn to cause a distraction so the queen's evil soldiers could abduct a changeling alchemist. We got completely wrecked by some hobgoblin guards and now trolls we about to enter the room.

It turns out that one of our draws from the Deck of Many Things had changed the alignment of the Daask leader (an oni). She asked us to keep the alchemist safe, and we agreed to do so.

I turned invisible, as did the alchemist. The other heroes played dead. The trolls came in and looked around. One picked up our wizard and bit her. He was going to eat her! Then, the trolls were called away and went deeper into the complex.

We fled and ran home to our bar. We debated how to hide the alchemist. We decided to have it pretend to be our wizard and hang out at the university library. Just typing that out makes me realize what a bad idea that was. The Daask needed a few days, then they'd smuggle the alchemist out of the city and bring it to Droaam (a land of monsters ruled by a hag).

I was extremely paranoid of everyone, as I had a number of secret enemies due to the deck. I had destroyed the hot dog cart of a warforged named Bun a session or two back. Now, he's our enemy. He actually opened up a business next to ours called "Double-Cross Bun's". He wanted to drive us out of business once we opened our bar. Son of a...

The soldiers kept up their end of the deal, giving s potions and claiming to heal our friend (who they probably poisoned in the first place).

Sharn is currently ruled by this Princess tied to out fighter's backstory. She's pretty much an evil schemer, as far as we can tell. Her people wanted us to head up a new air force of some kind. My character wanted an air ship, so I agreed, figuring I could steal it when the times comes.

They gave us two missions to complete, but we decided to do something else and put those on the backburner. A while back we had learned that we had each been sent a magical gift from our 4e characters. The wizard's gift involved a "...fallen star in a medusa city in Droaam."

Google says these are the Daughters of Sora Kel

I made friends with the airship's bound fire elementals (it eats sorcery points, which I have quite a few of). We took off for Droaam. Along the way, we ran into one of the fighter's secret enemies: a white dragon! He actually dueled it in a no arrows/no breath battle.. solo.. and won! He has a high AC.

We had a battle with a roc, an then we arrived at the Droaam capitol. The DM read us some of the description and it was very cool. I love the idea of monster cities that are run by hags and medusas.

The hags seemed to know we were coming. We were brought before the ruling hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell.

That's where we stopped!

I finally got my airship! I've wanted one of these from the beginning. Pretty awesome. We're based in Sharn, but I love the idea of heading out into the world now and again to experience all of the weird Eberron stuff out there. Droaam seems extremely cool, I am looking forward to learning more about it.


KKRP said...

Droaam's probably one of my favorite places in Eberron. Weird monster cultures, conflicts between the land's different warlords, and whatever plans the Daughters have going on--all very awesome stuff.

Sean said...

KKRP:I really like it so far!I can't imagine what these hags will want from us.