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Friday, June 2, 2017

Stream of Annihilation Day One

You can watch these shows right here: Stream of Annihilation Youtube Day 1 Playlist

The Stream of Annihilation is a two-day event where we get to watch different D&D groups play through adventures linked to the new storyline, Tomb of Annihilation.

OK! It has begun! I'll be updating this thing all day so check back. Here's the schedule for today:

Go here for the full schedule.

Joe Managiello, who I believe was on True Blood and is married to Sophia Vergara, talks about his book and record of The Hobbit, which he says was his introduction to fantasy.

From there, he started reading The Hobbit novel. A kid who couldn't read would call him every night and ask him what happened in it.

Joe got the red box but he had nobody to play with, so he played the same solo game over and over. Eventually, he met a group that played Dragonlance. He says he had a minotaur character and he has great memories of the campaign. He stopped playing when he went to college.

25 years later, he ended up playing D&D with a studio exec and other actors. Now, he plays every week. He says he has 70 pounds of dwarven forge stuff at home waiting for him to unpack it.

He says all of the people in Hollywood honed their creativity through D&D and tabletop games.

Joe seems like a really great guy.

Anna of Dice, Camera, Action is hosting and she is wearing her Evelyn gear.

The New Adventure

The new adventure: Tomb of Annihilation! It involves the jungle of Chult and builds on a few old adventures. The main villain is Acererak, from the tomb of horrors. The overall story is about how raise dead spells are failing, and those who were raised are decaying.

A unique aspect of this adventure is that you will need to hire the right guide or you may end up in a place that is too high level for you.

Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, is the guest story coordinator. The feel of this adventure is "Indiana Jones vs. zombies."

Comes out on September 8th.

Meatgrinder Mode: You can run this adventure on "hard mode." In this mode, you need to roll a 15 instead of a 10 for each death save.

This adventure describes what happens to your character's soul when you die. I wrote an article on that topic right here.

Monsters: Su-monsters, zorbors (?? psychic koalas), froghemoths, and zombie t. rexes that vomit zombies!

Guides: Some of them might be shady, some might be better than others.

The land is incredibly deadly. The grung, frog creatures from Volo's, have a village. They're evil, but they're under siege by the undead. Do you team up with them and help them? You are strangers in a land that you know nothing about.

They tried to make Chult a location that is easy to drop into your campaign. You can run it as a sandbox or as a linear path.

Time for...

Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 51 - Storm King's Thunder

The group had just run into Van Richten, from Curse of Strahd here in the Forgotten Realms. He's with priests of the Morninglord.

Episode 51: Bite the Dust
Alli is a demon-blooded bard

There is quiche at the table.

The Party

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander
(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue
(Allie) Lilith - Tiefling Bard
(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer 

One of the priests, Sybil, thinks Strix is an abomination. Evelyn asks about Dee. No comment from Van Richten.

Sibyl says they are from Barovia. It has been released from Barovia. She says a demon has been released, and they are hunting it.

Evelyn takes a liking to Borkoth, a tall and strong priest. Van Richten pulls them aside and tells the heroes that the group will actually need to take down Sibyl and the other priest.

A powerful witch told Van Richten about this. There's a million cameras here, we get shots of each player, sort of like on the Acquisitions Inc taped shows.

Lilith got a sending from Gotsaga the witch: "They're coming for you. Wait for the sun-killer. He and his friends can help." Sounds like Van Richten.

Lilith Meets the Crew: Lilith is here in Citadel Adbar. Ahhh.. last week, Paultin was approaching an attractive bard. That bard is Lilith. Paultin, run by Chris in NPC mode, approaches Lilith. She tries to convince him to hand over the alcohol. She rolls a 20! He hands over his booze and his belt and wanders away.

Lilith sees the other heroes. Lilith is a tiefling, like Strix, but she is a vessel for a power of ancient evil.

Paultin, run by Chris in NPC mode, approaches Lilith. She tries to convince him to hand over the alcohol. She rolls a 20! He hands over.

Gotsaga has a connection with Van Richten. She lives in a demiplane. Van Richten tells Lilith his origin. He had to slay his own son, Erasmus. He's the.. "son killer." The group goes 'ohhhhhh' in unison. 

Sibyl is receiving dreams from the dark powers. The dark powers want to kill Lilith.

Gotsaga killed Lilith's unicorn.Van Richten has a piece of the remains of the unicorn. He found it on an enemy. Strix eats it.

They each have their own room in the inn at the citadel. They establish a secret knock - 4 knocks with no rhythm.

Van Richten creates a magic circle that will prevent the witch from finding her.

When Lilith was young, she had a unicorn named Fritz. The witch took the unicorn. If she dedicated the rest of her life against evil it might break the curse.

Rust Monsters: Diath finds a rust monster breeding pen.Chris asks Jared to make a perception check. Natural 1. Welcome to the Waffle Crew.

Jared senses someone watching him. He hustles back and delivers a rhythm-less knock. The group thinks there's an ambush coming. They go out to the rust monster area, a sort of mining cave.

The bad guys are coming for Lilith. Strix will make an illusion of her with silent image, and the real Lilith will hide in a mining cart. Then she's going to pop out and drop a stinking cloud.

The group spots a gargoyle. Diath sees its claws flex a bit. It has four arms. A margoyle!

The Plan: The bad guys are coming for Lilith. Strix will make an illusion of her with silent image, and the real Lilith will hide in a mining cart. Then she's going to pop out and drop a stinking cloud.

Sibyl leads a bunch of flunkies onto the scene. Stinking cloud hits! 6 of the 9 bad guys fail their saves. We roll initiative.

Paultin slips into the cloud, kills a dude, and slips back out.

Lilith is a pretty cool character. The player is totally on the ball, good stuff!

Evelyn hucks a javelin. Natural 20! Rolls really bad on damage. 4 points. Kills a bad guy. Seems like these bad guys are 1 hp minions.

Strix drops a fireball. Whoops.. she kills the guy Evelyn liked. His corpse lands at Evelyn's feet. Strix laughs.

Sibyl is hurt bad, calls for aid from the Morninglord.

This is a nice break from the real world. Right now Sean Spicer and Scott Pruitt are apparently trying to sell the press on us backing out of the Paris agreement.

Gargoyle hasn't done a thing so far. Van Richten is keeping an eye on it.

Sibyl is dead. Battle over. Something's up with Van Richten. Strix makes an insight... natural 20! Van Richten is whacked out of his mind.

The gargoyle opens its eyes and yawns. It begins to grin and makes like it is going to take flight. It flies out of the cave.

Strix points out the group might have just killed some good guys. Evelyn tackles him. They tie up Van Richten. They rest.. Evelyn prays and thinks everything will be OK.

Strix, Diath and Van Richten suddenly get sick and weak.

Gold lights appear in Van Richten's eyes. He asks Evelyn, "Do you know how many times I've died?" So the curse from Tomb of Annihilation has hit.

Lilith explains that her group has been hunting the Soulmonger. There's a curse.. anyone raised by the dead will die in 30 days.

Van Richten says Evelyn can stave off the curse.. by dying. Group is horrified. That's where we stop!

Good episode!

Neverwinter Expansion

Interview with the guy in charge of the Neverwinter MMO. We see a trailer of the Tomb of Annihilation expansion - jungle, t. rex.. pretty cool. The dungeon in it is called the Tomb of the Nine Gods, which is based on the real tomb of horrors. The nine gods refers to the nine gods of Chult.

Here's more info on the expansion.

I thought there was a live crowd watching this, but it looks like there's just a crew of people filming.

Heyy we get interview time with the Waffle Crew!

Dice, Camera, Action Interview

Difference between online and live: Jared can see Chris's dice rolls. Jared loves playing at the table with the other waffles because they can give each other the stink eye.

Holly says she feels just as immersed playing online as she does live.

Chris says that there are 9 episodes left of season 2. That will wrap up the storm king story. One guest star in the next few weeks will be playing an NPC from Tomb of Annihilation and will sort of set up season 3.

Chris says that, when running the game, he tries to get to the good stuff. He will toss out the rules whenever it works for him.

Holly's home game (Planescape, Jared plays in it) is wacky - something happened with monkeys in a bedroom.

Chris says that Diath is going to inherit something. Hmmm.

The Acquisitions, Inc. C-Team

Jerry (he runs Omin Dran on the live Acq Inc shows) is running a one-shot adventure out of the normal C-Team timeline. A billion people have asked me to review this show, so let's see. This is my first look at them.

The Party

(Kate Welch) Rosie Beestinger - Halfling Monk
(Kriss Straub) K'thriss Drow'B - Drow Warlock
(Amy Falcone) Walnut Dankgrass - Wood Elf Druid

Info on the group right here.

Rosie is 120 years old. She's been up for hours, power-walking. She made coffee.

The group has the chance to visit Red Larch and accept jobs. There's going to be.. a FUN FAIR. There's a flag. K'thriss is fired up. On the flag is a sigil of a white bird on a blue background. The Lark Carnival, that's what this is. Bobbing for apples! Top notch carny stuff.

Old Rosie forces her way to the front of the face-painting line.

I wasn't sure what to expect with Jerry as DM.. so far he's very funny, very sharp.

There is a real-life person painting their faces.

K'thriss bobs for apples. He rolls badly and he just doesn't understand this game.

Aha.. a challenge of strength. Grannie wants to try. Walnut casts a quiet bull's strength spell on her.

The dragonborn in charge of this game thinks the other two characters are her children.

They call Jerry "DM Daddy" which makes him very uncomfortable. They say that's why they do it.

Rosie palms a sack of seeds. She's not sure if they're magic. Somehow, K'Thriss got naked. The others roll to see if they like it. They do.

There's a portal in here. K'Thriss goes through butt naked.

On the other side is vines and mud co-mingled with the stonework itself. The walls are shaped from blocks of stone and are assembled into "a satisfactory puzzle."

The group finds themselves in a complicated trap room. Their 4th party member, Donaar, is suspended over a snake thing. He's bound by vines.

They need to cross a 30 foot gap. They decide to throw the old lady. They tie a rope to her. She gives the group a thumbs up, hoping that earns her advantage from the DM. No dice! She makes the jump.

They free Donaar.

Walnut is in bear form.The bad guy fires off lightning from a wand, but misses and it ricochets around, hitting nobody.

The old lady hits the dude for one point of damage. She goes "That was just a free sample." She is hilarious. Actually, they are all really funny.

The bad guy has these vials on him. As they shatter, stuff happens. Wild magic effects? He gets covered in hair. Then he turns into 40% liquid.

They make friends with a snake. The end!

They are really funny. I'll have to check that show out.

Wizkids - Tomb of Annihilation Miniatures

They're coming out with Tomb of Annihilation minis. 44 minis in the set. Some of them include goblins with facemasks. Also... Acererak! A normal version and a clear version of him. They're making a four-armed gargoyle.

They have set pieces: Traps! Green devil mask, portal, tiny little potions. There's a stone juggernaut that can really roll.

Interview with the C Team

Kate says she started playing in 4th edition. Her DM would make all these set pieces and the group would fart all over it.

Jerry's daughter has a character named "Crystal Leaf." His wife runs "Astrid HairsHollow."

Meat Grinder

Chris Perkins is running this thing. Everything is harder, it's easier to die. This is apparently about how fast Perkins can kill characters.

Meatgrinder Mode is a new rule to show you how deadly the tomb can be. If you are down and making death saves, you need to roll a 15 instead of a 10 to succeed.

I didn't catch all the character names, but I tried my best:

(Abraham Benrubi) Balaroo - Dragonborn Sorcerer
(Thomas from the Neverwinter MMO) Whistlefleez - Barbarian
(Rachel) Lork - Elf Fighter
Trellis - Elf Ranger
(Joe Managiello) Randy the Savage - Human Barbarian
(Trump) Skamos - Tiefling Warlock

There are more players on standby to replace the dead.

The group has stolen the Eye of Karumba from a clan of cyclopses (cyclopes?). Now they have to climb a spire hundreds of feet high and wait for their extraction - a roc (giant bird) is supposed to pick them up.

The group climbs up - there's a ruin at the top. Plaza of broken stones.

There are 6 pillars, used to support a ceiling. Tallest 40 feet, smallest 10 feet.

The group hears horns below. A horde of cyclopses climbing up the spire!

Cyclops Attack: Slow spell slows one cyclops. There's 12 cyclopses! Yikes.

Chris asks who is holding the Eye of Carumba. Skamos the warlock has it. The cyclopses are 20 feet tall. They start grabbing heroes and trying to throw them off the spire!

A female cyclops comes at the warlock. She uproots a tree and hits him with it, and does 34 points. Dang. He has 11 hit points left. Macho Man takes 20 points.

Someone casts pass without a trace.. +10 to stealth. Not a lot of room up here for stealth, but maybe they can hide behind pillars.

Randy steps in front of the warlock and activates a pile of barbarian stuff. Randy attacks the female. Natural 20!

The guy playing Skamos the warlock is Trump from Misscliks, he's a very likeable dude.

Sorcerer creates a sleet storm.

One of them should get on top of a pillar and dump ranged attacks on them. Thunderwave would be useful here, too!

12 cyclopses attack. Two on each hero. Yikes. Two fall on the sleet. Sorcerer is safe.

Death #1: Cyclops picks up the barbarian and uses him as a weapon! 17 damage to the barbarian and the target. Barbarian is tossed over the side. 120 points of damage! He's dead. Chris rips up his character sheet.

New character jumps in: Skybolt, elf wizard. The Eye of Karumba flashes and Skybolt appears. The Eye has godly powers and likes to watch people die.

Trellis is down! She starts making death saves. Randy takes some hits and is still up. He goes: "Is that all you got, Perkins?" The group goes: "oooh".

Abraham says: "That's a lot of meat to grind."

What a Maneuver: Macho Man chops into a cyclops. Balaroo the sorcerer casts shatter on the prone cyclopses. One cyclops has a sack of dwarf skulls that she uses as a weapon. Two others clasp hands and give Skybolt a clothesline and she falls prone.

A cyclops goes for an elbow drop on Skybolt. Macho Man: "Wait a second, that's my move!" Skybolt is at 0 hit points.

Macho Man is now fighting four cyclopses. Three hit him! He's down.

Death #2: A cyclops grabs the dying warlock and flings him off the spire. He's dead! Chris rips up his character sheet.

New player: (Erika) Ignan - Barbarian

Balaroo uses mage hand to snatch the orb. The cyclopses now focus on him.

Macho man rolls a 20 on his death save! He now has one hit point and is back in it. Joe has one of those d20's that light up.

The warlock kills the first cyclops! She's been maintaining her witchbolt, doing auto damage every round. Cyclopses tip a pillar on her. Dex save... natural one! 90 points of damage! She's at death saves.

The barbarians are benefiting big time from their rage - they take half damage from all of these attacks.

Death #3: A character rolls a one on a death save. That counts as two failures. She's dead! Chris rips her sheet.

New character: A cleric! Yayy.

Randy has one hit point. He's up.. he attacks. He kills a cyclops!

The sorcerer tosses the Eye to the cleric.. ohh boy.. rolls well! Cleric catches it! Then he casts web on some of the bad guys.

Skybolt death save.. natural one. WOW. That's two fails. One more and she's dead.

Cleric does a mass healing word! It doesn't work. The energy is drawn into the eye. NO, PERKINS. NO!!

Death #4? The cleric is pushed off the side! He chucks the gem at Randy. Randy goes: "Why me?" He rolls bad to catch it. It goes through his hands and rolls across the pinnacle. It is rolling toward the edge. Cleric falls off the spire to the ground far below. He survives the fall! He has one hit point left due to half-orc relentless endurance.

Ignan has a great idea... throw the gem over the side. But to pick it up, she'll provoke two opportunity attacks. Group votes on if she should do so. It's almost unanimous. She tries. She is hit and she's down. She's a half-orc, though, so she has one hp due to relentless endurance.

Balaroo tries to dive for the gem but he misses.

Two heroes are up.. the half-orcs. The cleric at the bottom yells for the group to throw the orb down to him. There's only one person standing. The sorcerer. Mage hand it, buddy.

A cyclops grabs Ignan and smashes her against a pillar. Another cyclops comes over and pounds on Randy.

Death #4: A cyclops flings the dragonborn off the spire.

New hero.. a dwarf cleric! Nice. The cleric heals all 4 people who are down. Nope. The orb is up here still - absorbs it.

Skybolt actually succeeds at three death saves. She's stable!

Death #5: The warlock fails her 3rd death save. Chris relishes tearing up the sheet.

New hero: Suzanne is playing Finrabbit.

Here comes the roc! There are ten giants on the platform.

Death #6: Macho Man's death save.... he's dead! He hand-wrote his character sheet. Chris delights in tearing it up.

New hero: Jon is playing "The Imp" Halfling Rogue

The dwarf cleric actually attacks the orb. Finrabbit shoots a cyclops. The cyclopses drop the dwarf cleric. Finrabbit takes 64 damage. She's down. Three cyclopses attack The Imp... all three miss.

The roc lands....

The Imp uses mage hand to hover the orb up to the roc. The roc swallows it! Welp.

Chris asks the players who are down to make all their death saves in one shot...
  • Death #7: Ignan dies.
  • Death #8: Dwarf cleric dies.
  • Death #9: Finrabbit dies.
Survivors: Skybolt, The Imp, the orc cleric.

Skybolt lasted for a long time! She was the first replacement, and was knocked unconscious from a flying elbow. She rolled a on her first death save, giving her two fails right off the bat. She then proceeded to succeed on every one after that!

Awesome game! They need to do this more often, was really great.

Interview with Matt Mercer and Chris Lindsay

They talk about dice. Matt Mercer says that the dice he uses on Critical Role are from fans.

There's a thing on the wall of the set:

Force Grey 2: The Lost City of Omu

Interview with Joe Managiello, Dylan Sprouse and Matt Mercer. We Learn Stuff:

This season is linked to the Tomb of Annihilation. Some old members, some new. Debra Ann Moll from True Blood is part of it. She's a hardcore player, a DM.

Her character does a pile of damage and is very humble about it.

The show is going to be about 8 episodes. Dylan's druid had a really insane kill. Hitch is even Hitch-ier. 

It will air in the summer, leading up to the release of the book. The show won't spoil the Tomb of Annihilation adventure.

One Grung Above

All of the players are DMs:
  • Adam Koibel
  • Nadja Otikor
  • Satine Phoenix
  • Rudy Rutenberg
  • Mark Hulmes
  • Matt Colville
  • Lauren Urban
The old gold chief has died. The group needs dust from the corpse of an albino dwarf

A few characters are leaders and the rest are grung minions.Grung are frog-people from Volo's guide to monsters.

Some of them are underlings.

I had to go out for awhile, so I missed the rest of this!

D&D Beyond

OK! Back! We talk a bit with the makers of D&D Beyond, the online tools that are available for free right now. Players will be able to buy entire handbooks, artwork and everything, in a digital form.

They are making a pronunciation guide, working with Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray. So you can click on a word like "sahuagin" and hear how it is pronounced.

We had a lot of fun with that as kids. I had a friend who called a doppleganger a "doplan-jer" and that pretty much officially became its new name. I also had a friend who called a "Prime Requisite" a "Prime Request", which tickles me to this day. I think we all have one of those. I will never call Sigil "Siggle." NEVER

Critical Role Interview

We talk with Matt Mercer and players of Critical Role. This campaign has been going on for 5 years. Before the show began, they'd play on Sundays in their pajamas all day long.

The characters they'll be using:
  • Marisha: Reggie, human bard
  • Taliesin: He's a pirate captain
  • Matt Mercer: Dwarven cleric
  • Liam: Oldwin Halfling druid/monk
In August, Matt will have a campaign setting guide coming out. It is the setting where the group adventures in on Critical Role.

Maze Arcana

Satine Phoenix is running the game. I might have some character names wrong here.

(Kym) Kalithay - A sorcerer
(Kirk Caceres) Vartok - A pirate
(Misty Dawn) Avena - Human
(Kyle Vogt) Captain Dringus - The captain of the ship

The heroes had been framed by a noble, and now they sail the seas as pirates.

They are seeking the Pulse of Chult. They're going to sail to Chult. Are we putting Chult in Eberron for this or are they going through a portal?

Wait.. they've been boarded. Wow. So there are two groups of players in Maze Arcana. One group is apparently attacking the other! The attackers have NPC flunkies.

(Milynn) Suvella
(Ivan Van Norman) Hunchback Ivan
(Taliesin) Captain Stormbrew - A "werekraken"

Bartok kills a dude. Kalithay takes a shot at Hunchback Ivan. She misses, he retaliates and misses her. The ship is heaving to and fro a bit - they have their sea legs, though. Vartok wants to try to climb a rope.. rolls an 8. Rope is slippery.

Captain Dringus chucks a dagger, hits Ivan. 18 points of damage! Right in the hump.

The chat is swooning over Milynn in her pirate corset. Ivan hits Kalithay. Stormbrew, hunchie and Suvella are a pretty badass crew of invaders. The other group is reeling a bit. Some of the players are very new to the game, so I'd say they are in big trouble.

Kalithay cast lightning bolt, quickened. Then she's going to run up and melee. Yikes.

Satine has a house rule. If your dice hit the floor, the next thing you do has disadvantage. Wow. I hate floor dice, but that's pretty intense.

Captain Stormbrew grabs the cabin boy and holds him hostage. Stormbrew demands a lantern the other group apparently has in their possessing. His delivery is absolutely fantastic, cracks me up.

Stormbrew uses a power to shock the kid with lightning.

Suddenly, the ship hits rocks. Wow, what great timing. This is really good.

Stormbrew drops the kid! Vartos tries to grab him.. but he misses. The kid falls into the water. He's gone.

The bad guy ship is within jumping distance... then a DRAGON TURTLE comes out of the water! Poor Hunchback Ivan is in trouble. He drops the lantern... it stays on the deck of the good guy ship.

Vartos tries charm person on Suvella. It works!! Suddenly, things are looking up for the good guys.

Captain Vartus says this isn't over. Stormbrew jumps to his ship. Suvella saves against the charm person - rolls a 20. She tries to jump across.. fails! There's sharks... the group gets her out.

The dragon turtle pops up and goes after the good guy ship. That's where we stop.

Fantastic episode! Definitely check it out.

This campaign continues on their two shows, and these two bands of pirates will continue to cross over.

This was so well-planned out. These DMs really kicked ass, super-impressive.

Fantasy Grounds

We talk a bit about fantasy grounds. They've been converting 4e adventures?! That's pretty awesome.

Nathan Stewart

Nathan has played through most of Tomb of Annihilation. He says it was really hard. He shot a flying monkey and it didn't go well. Maze Arcana has another session tomorrow, definitely looking forward to it! Matt Mercer is DMing the Girls, Guts, Glory game at 10:30 AM PST 1:30 PM EST.

He says that in each of the last 3 years, D&D has had their best year (financially). Then they top it the next year.

Tower of the Curator

Warning: This session is really awesome. If you plan on watching, don't read this! It will ruin it. Seriously!

Mike Mearls is the DM

(Matthew Lillard) Littlebit - Halfling Rogue
(Joe Manganiello) Arkon - Dragonborn Paladin of Tiamat
(Matt Mercer) Theresa Brineswallow - Dwarf Cleric of the Storm Lord
(Chris Perkins) Liz - Lizardfold Wizard
(Marisha Ray) Reggie - Bard just busted out of prison
(Kim Hidalgo) Ferenrine - Halfling Fighter, a 12-year old boy
(Liam O' Brien) Baldwin - Druid/Monk
(Dylan Sprouse) Leomund - Tabaxi Warlock

Joe's dragonborn has a pet manticore.

Some/all of the players have definitely had a bit to drink here.

The adventurers need to get a magic mirror in a flying castle over Chult. The group has been given a small box and have been told that they can not open it, on pain of death.

The tower is little more than a block of stone. Each hero has potions of flying.

Littlebit checks it for traps. The right door is ajar, open about a foot. He sees a statue of a red wizard in there.. and hears a grunting noise.

They can hear a couple of goons talking about killing the group. Jeez, Mearls does some really badass voices. He pulls off the "two NPCs talking to each other" thing extremely well.

The dragonborn commands his manticore, Chungo, to go in there. It goes in... these guys are redcaps wielding sickles.

Where is your master? The redcap holds up his severed hand. The redcaps say that they decided to kill their master on a whim

They point to the ceiling. There's a force field blocking a hole that leads to the curator's lab. The severed hand that the redcaps are holding has tattoos that a red wizard would have.

The dragonborn says "I hate gnomes," grabs one, and tries to intimidate him.


The redcaps realize that their master is dead, pull out their scythes and attack. A redcap hits the dragonborn twice and does a jig, kicking up sparks with his metal boots.

Reggie's convict voice is cracking me up. The storm cleric casts call lightning, then Littlebit kills a redcap with a pair of blows. Battle over.

The group thinks the statues are linked to the force field. They destroy a few - there's blood inside of them! Another statue slowly turns its head, looks at the heroes and points up at the ceiling. The others start pointing at that statue and shake their heads.

The storm cleric flies up to the ceiling and touches the box to the force field. Littlebit spots a spectral figure with one eye for a second, and the whole building shudders.

Liz misty steps through the barrier. Inside is an arcane lab. Liz sees the mirror. There are ten tendrils of energy coalescing into the shape of a spectral beholder. Liz grabs the mirror, uses it as a shield. He's hit with a disintegrate beam. 22 points of damage. The healers in the group heal him.

The beholder points its eye at him - anti-magic cone. Liz hisses at him. Liz pulls out a blowgun, tries to shoot it in the eye to make it blink so he can use a bonus action to misty step to safety. He rolls badly. Beholder is not happy. It wants the mirror.

The storm cleric looks at the severed hand tattoos... the tattoos match the beholder's stalks. It looks like the cleric can... use the hand to control the eye tentacles! He forces it to shoot an eye ray at itself. Wow. Awesome adventure!

Time to roll initiative. The wall of force is off, the group can attack the beholder. The 12-year-old makes two attacks and rolls two natural 20's! Does a bunch of damage with his short bow.

Littlebit jumps onto the beholder and stabs it. Rolls really bad. This guy is wired. Liz fires a jacked-up magic missile spell. 18 damage. Whenever the group does a lot of damage, the tower shudders and falls for a second, and everyone has to make Dex saves.

The storm cleric uses the hand and makes the beholder shoot itself with a disintegrate beam. 41 points of damage.

Reggie doggie-paddle flies up into the lab and casts blindness on the beholder. It fails its save! Two stalks - enervation and petrification.

Arkon is on his manticore, grabs on to the 12-year-old and the manticore and the storm cleric.
The tower turns sideways!

The kid is paralyzed by a ray, the storm cleric takes a pile of damage. Storm cleric casts lesser restoration and removes the paralyzation on the kid.

The kid attacks twice... critical hit on the second swing. Beholder is barely still up. It fires a disintegrate ray at the kid... 45 points!! DEAD. Turns to ashes! Wow. The storm cleric's faith is shaken. The ashes of the kid blow in her face.

Littlebit kills the beholder.

The tower floats to the ground. They did it!

I think that is the best session of D&D I have ever witnessed. It was perfect! You should definitely watch this if you can.

See you tomorrow! 


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Thanks for doing this! And, I don't just mean the liveblogging; you're site is a treasure trove of D&D ideas. And,a great read to boot.

Keep on keeping on!

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