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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons - The Dice, Camera, Action Season 2 Index

This is a hub and episode guide for season 2 of the show Dice, Camera, Action. Legendary dungeon master Chris Perkins is running a group of delightful youtube personalities through Storm King's Thunder, an official 5th edition adventure.

What Did I Miss?

If you missed season one, the heroes had been sucked into an evil realm called Barovia. They escaped by trapping the lord of Barovia, Strahd, in an evil puppet.

Now they have returned to the Forgotten Realms only to find that giants are rampaging all over the place.

The Waffle Crew

I compiled everything we know about their backstories right here.

These heroes were on a quest for waffles when they got sucked into Barovia in season one. They fear vampires and love owlbears.

Diath: He is a tomb-raiding rogue. Here is his character sheet.
  • He was given a key ring from a mysterious person long ago. He eventually learned that one of the keys unlocks the Tome of Strahd.
  • In Barovia, Diath became a disembodied spirit and inhabited Paultin's body for a time.
  • Diath was once accidentally fed a potion of youth. Diath de-aged and is currently 18 years old.
  • Diath has the power to cast resurrection one time. He needs a diamond worth 1,000 gp to cast the spell.
  • He killed a little girl named Arabelle. She cursed him as she died.
  • Diath drank the ashes of Saint Markovia to cure himself of an undead curse. 
  • Everyone likes "Murderbot" aka Simon except for Diath. 
  • Diath is sometimes referred to as "Soft Target." 
  • An appreciative freed halfling slave gave Diath a stone of good luck she had keistered for 3 months.
  • Halani, the freed elven slave, has taken a liking to the rogue.
  • Diath has a magic sword called Gutter. He can use it to summon Shemeshka the Marauder to ask her three questions.
  • Diath may be from the city of Sigil.
Evelyn: She is a paladin of Lathander, who is also known as The Morninglord. Her character sheet is here.
  • Her pet mouse, Juniper, is very well-fed.
  • Her axe, Lightfall, is double-bladed, has the symbol of Lathander on it and it is gold-colored. It has the powers of a mace of disruption. Lightfall was destroyed when it struck an adamantine heart.
  • In Barovia, her horse named Mourning Glory was undead, but in the Realms it is a gleaming bastion of goodness.
  • Sometimes Evelyn didn't pay attention in paladin school because she was drawing horses. She had a teacher who wore the Icon of Ravenkind
  • She once hugged Strix into consciousness.
  • She has a second special axe called "Treebane."
  • Evelyn has been a werewolf in the past and she loved it, although she almost ate a baby one time. 
  • Evelyn has somewhat convinced herself that she, Paultin, and Murderbot are a family unit. 
  • "Heart of Spinelli" is the name of her flaming greatsword, named in honor of a dead dwarf not named Spinelli. 
  • Evelyn leads a crack team of specialists known as Distraction Force (her, Paultin and Strix). Their mission: Distract people. 
  • She is blessed by St. Markovia.
  • Her soul was almost devoured by Acererak, but Paultin saved her by rolling a natural 20.
  • Evelyn has been reborn into a 5-foot tall construct/toy version of her self. 

Paultin: He is a bard who is working on a drinking problem. His character sheet is here.
  • He plays the lute and the bagpipes.
  • Paultin has a magic item: Eyes of charming. He can charm people with them.
  • Paultin's shadow is a living creature that has separated from him on at least one occasion.
  • Paultin can summon a waffle dome (Leomund's Tiny Hut) that the group can rest in.
  • He has the sunsword, a powerful item taken from Castle Ravenloft.
  • Paultin has an 'adopted son' named Simon. He is Murderbot, the evil golem from Barovia. 
  • He once used crown of whispers to force a chimera to kill itself. 
  • Whenever he is hit with a reduce spell, he is to be referred to only as Smalltin. 
  • He has gained possession of a mysterious severed hand. 
  • He still hates Van Richten, who killed his parents.
  • He acquired a magic harp when he traveled to Barovia's past.
  • Paultin met a guy in the past named Jesper, who seems to be related to him somehow.
Strix: A tiefling spellcaster from the planar city of Sigil. Her character sheet is here.
  • Her pet cranium rat, Stinky, hates everyone.
  • She is/was a member of the Dustmen faction (corpse collectors of Sigil).
  • She has an aunt, a brother and three cousins.
  • Her brother is Izek Strazni, an evildoer with a demon arm.
  • Strix actually died in Barovia. Her spirit wandered the mists of Ravenloft with a boy named Jesper until Van Richten brought her back to life.
  • She used the Strahd puppet to trap Strahd.
  • Strix has a pet baby owlbear named Waffles, who grew to a decent size in short order.
  • She really did lick the magic butt-stone one time. 
  • Strix looted a spider-staff off of a drow. 
  • When she was young, Shemeshka the Marauder tried to buy Strix as a slave. 
  • She has an iron flask, which can trap powerful creatures inside of it.
  • She once tried to poison human Strahd's soup.
Season Two Episodes

I put an asterisk next to the episodes that I think are the best.

Episode 32 - No Place Like Home: The heroes befriend Zog the dwarf, fight some orcs and realize that at least one terrifying entity has followed them from Barovia.

Episode 33 - Were and Tear: The Waffle Crew completes their epic quest to eat waffles. Then, they make friends with an owlbear and battle werewolves who are intent on freeing Strahd.

Episode 34 - Thine Own Elf: The group fights alongside the legendary hero Drizzt Do'Urden. They give him the Strahd doll for safekeeping. Drizzt decides to take it to Gauntlgrym, the legendary home of the dwarves.

Episode 35 - Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum: The Crew rests at the grove of a dryad and ends up in a deadly battle with a band of hungry hill giants.

* Episode 36 - Small Packages: Things go very wrong as the heroes try to get to their destination.

Episode 37 - Royal Rumble: The group gets in the middle of a massive battle between the dwarves of Citadel Adbar.

Episode 38 - Icebreaker: The heroes set out for Ironslag and meet a frost giant.

Episode 39 - Fortune Favors the Cold: The group has an epic battle with a chimera and they infiltrate a yakfolk village.

* Episode 40 - Big Yak Attack: An epic battle against the yakfolk.

Episode 41 - Evil Inside: Rooting out enemies and helping the freed slaves.

Episode 42 - Home Fires: The heroes have a sprawling encounter in the foundry.

Episode 43 - Meltdown: The Waffle Crew's luck runs out against the fire giants.

Episode 44 - Animals in Heat: An owlbear, a mouse and a cranium rat explore Ironslag.

Episode 45 - Fire Giant Override: The heroes learn a bit about the adamantine heart.

Episode 46 - Heartbroken: An epic battle against the fire giants.

Episode 47 - Apocalypse Drow: A band of drow stumble upon the waffle crew, who are in dire straits.

Episode 48 - The Hero Conundrum: The Waffle Crew is torn on what to do next.

Episode 49 - Distraction Force: It is time to capture Maegara, the fire primordial!

Episode 50 - Mountain of Ashes: The Waffle Crew battles the dao.

Episode 51 - Bite the Dust: Special live show at the Stream of Annihilation!

* Episode 52 - Can't Hurt Sunshine: Evelyn has to die in order to save her friends. A must-see if you've been following the show.

Episode 53 - The Double-Edged Sword: The group is split. Diath gets a sword connected to Sigil while Evelyn and Paultin end up... somewhere else.

Episode 54 - Together Forever: The waffle crew is in Barovia. Paultin is to become the new ruler of the realm.

Episode 55 - Flesh and Blood: The wedding is a fiasco!

Episode 56 - Prime Evil: The waffle crew time travels?!

Episode 57 - Wrath of Strahd: The heroes have dinner with pre-vampire Strahd.

* Episode 58 - Bloodbath: Probably the most consequential episode of the series so far. Unskippable!

Episode 59 -Snowflakes in Kronenheim: The group makes friends with an airship captain.

Episode 60 - The Red, the White, and the Crew: The waffle crew tracks down Artus Cimber and fights a dragon.

Acquisitions, Inc - Enter the Trash Witch: Strix learns more details of her origin and doesn't get along with Jim Darkmagic.

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