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Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Legend of Vox Machina Ep. 12

You can watch this episode right here.

Here we go! Final episode of season 1. Is Keyleth dead? Vex uses an elixir on her. Doesn't seem to work.

Delila is still alive. Percy has his gun pointed at her head.

The group realizes that the hovering orb is blocking their magic, so they leave the ziggurat.

Grog spots Silas's sword and keeps it.

They end up back in the acid trap room. Magic is working, now... but they have no more elixirs to heal Keyleth with.

Vax grabs her components and Scanlan casts some kind of aid spell. This does seem to keep her from dying.

Delila, despondent, can't believe the Whispered One abandoned her. She wants to die. As smoke spews from his body, Percy plans to torture Delila. Keyleth awakens... and points out that Percy is possessed by a demon.

Vex stands between Delila and Percy. She helps him partly snap out of it. The demon leaves his body for a moment.

Hallucinating, Percy attacks his allies.

Percy slowly realizes he had made a deal with the demon - aid in building and empowering the gun, in exchange for souls to feast upon.

After a lot of struggling, Percy shoots himself in the hand and rejects the demon.

Delila gives a big evil speech as she prepares to teleport away, but then Cassandra kills her. They throw Delila's body in a pool of acid just to be sure.

Scanlan throws Percy's gun in the acid, too.

So what happens now? The people of Whitestone are cleaning up. Percy convinces Cassandra to take over as ruler.

What about the spinning orb? Holy men investigated it.. one touched it and was sucked inside it.

Keyleth opens a portal in the sun tree.

We get a nice shot of the group's keep:

Percy is building a new gun. The twins are reuniting with their bear. Scanlan has written a song about their adventure.

The group has been summoned to the cloudtop. We get a great shot:

Sovereign Uriel makes a proclamation.  He has decided that he is stepping down, and that the council will rule Tal'Dorei.

Vex's dragon sense goes off. In the sky.. is a dragon. Wait... four dragons. That's the end!


It's funny.. this literally felt like a mop-up session after a major battle in a campaign. They dealt with some stuff the DM couldn't squeeze into the last session, which went long. 

D&D is interesting in that you end up with characters whose style don't exactly mesh. Percy literally feels like he's from some other campaign, with the guns and the gothic clothing.

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