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Friday, May 12, 2023

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight - Everything You Need to Know

This is just a quick post wherein I attempt to familiarize myself with everything Witchlight.

I have spent the last few months putting together a guide to The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a 5e adventure that came out fairly recently.

Usually I post these guides piecemeal, adding and updating the guide until it is complete. But I felt like this time, I should just wait until the whole guide was done before presenting it to the D&D public at large.

I finished the guide a few days ago, and now I want to see what other Witchlight content is out there (videos, Dragon+ content, DMs Guild, etc) before posting it.

I decided to start off by looking for videos and... wow. There are a lot. D&D youtube has kind of blown up in the past few years, huh?

Let's start with The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Everything You Need to Know by Todd Kenreck.

Things we learn:

Chris Perkins has wanted to do a Feywild adventure for 11 years.

Todd discusses the premise of the owners of a Feywild carnival and a Shadowfell carnival deciding to switch ownership. It's funny, I knew this, but I never really thought about it. Mister Witch and Mister Light are from the Shadowfell, and this is why they're a bit creepy.

Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes has a character named Mr. Dark, who apparently is quite like Mr. Witch in this adventure. The phrase "Something Wicked This Way Comes" is actually on the back cover of this adventure. I should probably watch the movie based on this book.

I found it. It's on youtube. It looks really good, so I'll probably watch it and write about it.

Todd points out the art of Little Oak, the treant with the house on its back, which I never really stopped to appreciate. 

I'm already glad I watched this video, because I was so busy grinding out the guide that I didn't really stop to think about or appreciate the concepts.

Todd speculates that, because the roller coaster from the D&D cartoon is in this carnival, that this may be how the characters from the cartoon got to "The Realm." I don't know if that is true, but it's fun to think about and it's really cool that the roller coaster is here at all.

Todd actually has a Kelek action figure mint on card. Amazing. I have a friend who always used to say, "The unicorn horn is mine!" just like Kelek did.

Quick video, really helped me step back and digest the adventure and see it in a clear light. I got so lost in the page numbers and all that stuff that I feel like I never had sight of the tone of the adventure. But now I am starting to get it.

My over-riding feeling about this book so far is that it would be impossible for me to run at a level that is satisfactory. There is no way at all I could juggle all of the things going on. 

The carnival in particular feels impossible, but each hag realm is also difficult for me because you have no idea going in exactly how it is going to play out. I just don't feel like I could possibly be ready to roll with all of the things the heroes might do.

I guess my feeling right now is, even though I went through every single page of this adventure and sorted it to the best of my ability, I still don't have a grasp on even the basics. The motivation of the heroes in particular is a sticking point.

I'll get into that more when I write a review of this adventure. It is possible that all of these videos and articles that I'll be going through will help me to better digest the story.

Thanks for reading!

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