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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Tortle Package - D&D Tomb of Annihilation Supplement

You can buy this on the DMs Guild. Profits go to charity!

I don't want to spoil too much about this, but I want to give you an idea of what's in it. It's by Chris Perkins and ties in to the Tomb of Annihilation.

The Tortle Race

So, you can make a tortle character, eh? Let's see what that is like:
  • Their speed is 30. I figured it would be slower. 
  • They can hold their breath for up to an hour.
  • They have a natural AC of 17!
  • They can withdraw into their shell, gaining a +4 to AC.
That seems really fun!

Tortle Guides

We get three new tortle NPC guides who can help the heroes make their way through the jungle of Chult:
  • Eeyal: She's trusty, smart and wear goggles.
  • Kwilgok: Great name! He travels on an ankylosaurus named Deadly Treasure. He is Jobal-sanctioned. I love this guy.
  • Mudgraw: He has a tragic secret that he tries to keep to himself.
There are a bunch of maps in here by Will Doyle, who writes a lot of quality D&D stuff. His maps are really good, too! What a talented guy. Check it out:

We get details of Fort Ahoyhoy, home of the tortles. They sell some really cool stuff there, such as:
  • 80 pounds of coconuts
  • A pteranodon egg!
  • An axe beak on a leash
  • A 500 gp diamond (costs 500 gp, har har)
Dangwaru (The Typhoon Palace)

This is an abandoned temple of Umberlee. Chris Perkins writes about Umberlee a lot, doesn't he?

Dungwaru is a large location that would definitely take a session to fully explore. Parts that stick out to me:
  • There's a very cool part where you might be able to turn into a crab.
  • Sitting on a throne has a couple of really fun effects.
  • The classic deadly gazebo!
  • The group might find "booty ransacked from shipwrecks" including Zakharan perfume. (Zakhara = Al Qadim), a Quaal's feather token and 40 gallons of wine!
  • There's a really cool room where seawater might drag heroes a great distance.
  • The final encounter is pretty unique. The bad guy can do some cool stuff with a statue.
High Horn: This is my favorite part of this whole document. High Horn is an area where there are 6 shipwrecks in the water. At low tide, they are all visible to the naked eye.

A few of the ships could use some spicing up, but I think this will make for a really fun session of D&D. Without getting too spoiler-y, I think that you could use Myldryd Urchinspine to feed the group info relevant to the search for Omu and the nature of the Soulmonger.

Mud Pits of Florrb: Home to a mud mephit. There is a portal to the Elemental Plane of Earth here! I wrote a whole guide about that place.

There are new monsters:
  • Decapus: A tentacle-thing with really awesome art (and I usually hate tentacle-things).
  • Geonids: Rock-people.
  • Topi: Creepy 2-foot-tall undead.
  • Tortles: Full of Tortly goodness.
We get handouts for each guide and 3 more maps.


I was wondering how joke-y this would be. It isn't really a joke at all. It is all usable stuff.

I think the tortle race will be popular. Some people will want to make a tortle just for the 17 AC, others because it sounds hilarious to retreat into your shell.

The island is very cool. The temple is a very fun location and I love the shipwrecks.

Tomb of Annihilation is already overloaded with stuff to use. When you factor in the guild adept products, there is way, way too much material to fit in your game.

That said, I like this location and I think I'm going to use it. If you do the same, you might want to change it a bit to make it more relevant to the plot, but that is easily done.

This is definitely worth taking a look at!


Andy Hatton said...

I was a little surprised at how much was in here, I was just getting it to support the charity and for the tortles, but I really like the adventure in here!

jburgos said...

Great cause to support, I purchased the pdf, but you can also purchase it on D&D Beyond.

Sean said...

Andy Hatton: I agree! It's fun to get new Perkins stuff.

jburgos: I was wondering about that. Thanks!

snow said...

Awesome! Though I can already hear the Forgotten Realms fans freak out about historical correctness...

snow said...

It's also available for D&D Beyond, in case anyone's interested.

Silver Hood said...

I just recently purchased this supplement (and of course you decide to run it with our party not a week after) and have to say I really want to play a Tortle monk now. I'm thinking more Kong Fu Panda and less of TMNT.

...or maybe even a Tortle paladin of redemption would be interesting!