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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons: Over the Edge - One Accepting Altar

You can buy these adventures here:

DDAL07-01 City on the Edge
DDAL07-02 Over the Edge

You can buy Tomb of Annihilation right here.
You can buy Xanathar's Guide to Everything right here.

These adventures are now available on the DMs Guild, which means I don't feel like I have to tip-toe around the content. I'll be a bit more spoler-y in this one.

This mission has an Order of the Gauntlet side-quest where you sanctify some crypts using holy water. That's a cool idea.

The heroes go to a shrine of Ubtao, who is a big deal in Chult. This should be interesting.

It turns out that weretigers are there. They've been fighting followers of Dendar the Night Serpent, and they're holed up in the shrine.

When the group shows up, they actually see worshipers of Dendar trying to bust in.

Pterafolk worship Dendar. Did not know that!

I wonder why they used weretigers. Aren't new players going to be a little confused about tabaxi and weretigers? Why use two different types of cat-people? I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe the weretigers have some special role in Tomb of Annihilation.

Ubtao himself chooses a random PC to use some of their blood to open a secret area. The way it is activated is very cool.

The hero chosen by Ubtao actually gets a permanent story award. They are literally a Chosen of Ubtao. No powers, just mad respect.

There's a final fight with more pterafolk and boom, that's the end.

This one is decent, but some of the others are better.

Overall, both City on the Edge and Over the Edge are very good. Each one has one standout mission, and there is a high level of quality throughout. These are perfect to use when you need jungle encounters or material to fill holes in your Tomb of Annihilation campaign.

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