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Monday, August 6, 2018

Hell's Belles Episode 7

They are playing through a classic Planescape adventure, The Great Modron March, converted to 5th edition.

The Party

DM Mazz

(Shauna) Levity - Tiefling Monk linked to Glasya
(Chloe Christine) Lyra - Tiefling Paladin
(Hadeel) Miga - Tiefling Rogue an urchin who lives by the sea
(Lysa Chen) Mercy - Tiefling Shadow sorcerer from Ravenloft
(TK Johnson) Gille - Tiefling Paladin
(Holly Conrad) Durge - Tiefling Bard college of whispers, member of the Dustmen

The group is now level 6. They appear in Sylvania, a planar party town. There is a giant table of food and drinks that moves of its own accord. There's a tower of skulls, an inn shaped like a dragon head that dips in to water to "take a sip".

For Mercy, this is like a horror movie. The confetti, the popping.

The modrons begin marching through the town. The people of the town are painting and decorating them, including S3-4N.

Their friend Chastity spots them. She explains that this happens every time the modron march comes through.

Pentar is in rat form somewhere (Kayle was having internet issues and can't make the game).

Levity brings the group to the dragon inn. Mery spends the night sweeping confetti. Miga wants to jump in the pile.

There's a dwarf and a really drunk bauriar. An individual staggers into the bar. Instead of a hand, it has a modron claw. It's got metal plates on it.

Miga rolls a total of 28. She uses her scorpion tail flail and attacks the hybrid monstrosity.

Lyra realizes that this creature is chastity, with modron parts surgically added to her body.

Mercy summons a shadow wolf. During the casting, the group sees the marks of Tenebrous on her.

Miga hides in a pile of confetti. S3-4N helps out by adding more confetti to the pile.

The group subdues Chastity.

Mercy backs into a corner. The wolf walks up to her, and connects to her shadow. Mercy screams until it fades away.

S3-4N tells Miga that it's defeated. Miga pops out of the confetti pile. She takes several handfuls of confetti and adds it to her inventory. S3-4N is loaded up with confetti.

The group examines Chastity. She wakes up, and stares. She doesn't seem to recognize the group. Her memories have been removed, apparently.

Chastity has been restrained using the immovable rod. The group tells the barkeep not to press the button on the rod, or everyone will die.

The heroes do some exploring. They head into the woods, following Chastity's trail. They spot two individuals in black.

The thugs are actually pretty nice. They lead the group to a torture facility. The heroes explore it and come upon a room where they see a mad scientist. Mercy hangs back in the foyer. She sneaks around.

Mercy finds blueprints and a journal full of notes. She rushes to find the group.

Miga, Lyra and S3-4N stay outside, looking around, ready to act if they hear screams.

The mad scientist is always looking for people to use for experiments. Durge asks if he's looking for an apprentice. He says he had an apprentice but she left. Her name was Nyssa.

He's trying to fuse modrons and humans to make the perfect creature.

Mercy creeps around some more. She uses disguise self to look like one of the thugs. She checks some rooms. She hears clanking and whirring, and she smells modron blood. There are cages. In them are 5 modrons with parts missing. In another cage, there are tridrones missing hands and plates.

In another room are people, huddled in terror. They're afraid Mercy is going to take them. The captives are of many races - human, githzerai, and bariaur.

The group goes to another room where there are sensory stones, magic memory containers. Levity and Durge jump the mad scientist. Durge blinds the scientist and then she stabs him.

The scientist teleports away (or becomes invisible). Durge thunderwaves the place, cracking plinths and trashing the place.

Mercy breaks the cages open. She frees them and leads them out of the building. They immediately starts heading back to the march. Miga throws confetti and cheers the rescue.

Durge touches one of the sensory stones. She experiences the memories of someone's happy childhood. Gille touches one, and experiences what it's like to be a miserable drunk. Levity touches one, and she experiences the memories of... Chastity. Levity pockets it.

Gille sets fire to the place. Levity loots as many sensory stones as she can. Gille stands and stares. Then, once she leaves, he burns that room, too.

As the group watches the place burns, Lyra swears that she will destroy all of the knights of the tachyrym.

Miga worries that she started the fire with her wand and she tries to apologize. She gives the wand to Lyra. Lyra tells her it wasn't her fault and gives Miga the wand back.

Gille watches the fire and thinks it's beautiful. He weeps.


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