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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dice, Camera, Action Episode 76 - Tomb of Annihilation

Episode 76: Band on the Run

Anna has bronchitis, so she can't say much. Nate got engaged! Maybe we'll have some kind of waffle wedding.

 The Party

(Matthew Lillard) Bag of Nails - Tabaxi Hunter
(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander
(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue
(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer
(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

Here's the deal. Paultin has the ring of winter. It's evil, and has taken control of him. A huge red dragon named Klauth knocked a wall on the group. Strix is in gaseous form and Evelyn is flying near in front of the dragon.

Klauth clears the rubble off of Paultin and is demanding that he hand over the ring of winter.

Strix tries to talk Klauth out of all this. Doesn't work! Paultin puts the ring on his little undead, animated severed hand and throws it through a dimension door. The hand is somewhere nearby. Clever!

The Acquisitions, Inc. airship is hovering nearby, crewed by some NPC flunkies. Bag of Nails is on board as well. The harpoon gun is loaded.

Bag of Nails fires the harpoon.. critical!! 12d10 damage!! He does 75 points of damage!! Klauth is injured, but not bloodied.

Bag of Nails wants the crew to flt the ship right into the dragon.

Klauth is scouring the area, looking for the hand. Then he looks up at the airship. He has a bunch of wands on his wing. He uses them to hit the ship with a fireball and a lightning bolt. The crew dies, but Bag of Nails survives! He has four hit points left!

Here come dozens of serpents.. Yuan-ti in disguise.

Diath hits the snakes with his horn of blasting. Three yuan-ti assume their humanoid forms. One has black scales and is wearing a golden collar, some kind of religious piece of jewelry.

The airship is crashing! It's heading right for Paultin. Bag runs to the wheel. The NPC that was driving it is dead and crispy. Bag is able to pull up and turns the ship in the direction of Klauth.

Uh oh. Klauth found the ring of winter. He grabs it and the severed hand (whose name is "Handrew").

What the... there are three frost giants here! They've been looking for the ring of winter since Storm King's Thunder.

In the rubble, Dragonbait actually kept the rubble from squashing Waffles until the group could free them. Anna points out that since Dragonbait smells and she cannot smell anything, Evelyn assumes he is a mute.

Klauth is surprised at the frost giants arrival. The hand skitters free.

Paultin puts up the waffle hut. Diath wants in.

Bag of Nails jumps on Klauth's back.

The giants attack Klauth! The dragon is actually bloodied! It flies 80 feet up.

The group runs. They want to actually flee INTO the tomb to escape the chaos.

Diath uses his horn of blasting, blowing a hole in the wall of a building. The heroes flee right through. The hand comes with them.

Paultin has a crown of madness on a black-scaled yuan-ti, which forces it to attack its allies and then the dragon.

Bag of Nails ends up back on the airship. He busts out a crossbow. He has an arrow of dragon slaying! He does 47 points of damage. Klauth lets out a horrible wail and flies away.

Uh oh.. the frost giant leader has the hand with the ring on it.

Bag of Nails flies the airship and chases the dragon. Looks like he'll be a guest star on a future Acquisitions Inc adventure?

Strix casts a fifth level fireball spell and kills the two frost giant flunkies! The female leader is hurt but still alive.

That's where we stop.


Good show!

PAX South is this week. Chris will be running the live game.


Silver Hood said...

Holy crud! I know what I will be watching when I get home!

Silver Hood said...

To follow up on my last comment, I just got done with the episode. Crazy!

Did you see the dabbing goblin at timestamp 1:33:01?

aguirre said...

klauth was underused, legendary actions mannnn