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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dice, Camera, Action Episode 77 - Tomb of Annihilation

Episode 77 - Come Slither
The guest on this show is Rachel Seeley from Girls, Guts, Glory.

 The Party

(Rachel Seeley) Miranda- Elf Druid
(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander
(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue
(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer
(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard

The group is in the lost city of Omu. Frost giants want Paultin's ring of winter. Right now, a giant is looming above Paultin. The rest of the group are in a ruined palace

A small army of vegepygmies arrives!

The ring of winter is currently on the ring finger of Paultin's animated severed hand. Chris says that Paultin can use the ring even when it's on the hand.

Paultin tries to encourage the vegepygmies with bardic inspiration. One of them is wearing a boot on its head. This vegepygmy is named... Celery.

Paultin is invisible. The giant tries to stomp on him.. she rolls a 22. Man, he gets wrecked. Strix had cast death ward, so Paultin has 1 hit point.

Evelyn is not happy! She draws her flaming sword and flies at the giant. She kills it!

Now there's a ring of vegepygmies around Evelyn. Their leader is Miranda, the druid. She has no shoes, a giant pack, is wearing one boot, long black hair, gap in her teeth, and is generally described as a cautious elven woman.

She's looking for her friends, one of which is a tiefling. One that doesn't smell like Strix. That cracked me up.

The group examines an egg they obtained a number of sessions ago. An egg containing the force of 10,000 magic missiles! It has a countdown timer. So.. it's a bomb. Well, that's alarming!

Paultin puts the ring of winter back on. Miranda is very concerned about the ring, what with it being evil and all. Evelyn tries to shake Celery's hand.

Miranda says that she knows of a secret tunnel that can get the group into Ras Nsi's palace.

The group is wounded and they debate on which kind of rest to take (short or long). Diath wants to keep moving but Paultin needs a long rest. Miranda has healing spells, which thrills the crew.

We're doing a long rest. Miranda decides not to sleep in the waffle hut. She sleeps outside of it, guarded by the vegepygmies.

The next morning, there's a lot of mist. The group gets a bit paranoid/nostalgic about Barovia.

Something's coming.. it's the baby triceratops Strix got at the Acq Inc. show a few months back. 18! It still has some of the poop Strix put on it.

The triceratops was an adult, but was de-aged at one of the following Acq Inc shows. Waffles isn't thrilled with the attention that 18 is getting and swats it.

The triceratops gravitates toward Dragonbait. The animals like him because he frequently smells like ham.

Paultin uses his ring to create "Iceteen", a baby triceratops made of ice. That's top notch stuff right there!

The group wonders what the ring of winter would say to Gutter. Two evil artifacts commiserating!

Simon keeps tripping a vegepygmy named Potato. What a bully.

The tunnel brings the group to an underground river where there is a stone door and two boats.

Paultin wants to see if the hand can swim. He tosses it in. Nope. The hand is able to get out of the water and rejoins Paultin.

The group discusses checking the door. Miranda can make sunflowers! Miranda sees that Evelyn loves it, so she makes more. Anna compares it to having too many tabs open at one time. These two are hilarious.

The door has a poison needle trap, but Diath expertly evades it.

The room beyond is moist.. there's plants and spores. There's some zombies milling about. Miranda senses there's someone on the other side of the door ready to ambush the group.

This is area 14 on page 122 of the Tomb of Annihilation book.

Evelyn shows Miranda her flaming sword, the Heart of Spinelli. Evelyn reaches in and blindly stabs the assassin. She's showing off for Miranda.

It makes a hissing noise. It's a yuan-ti! The heroes question it. Paultin is the bad cop, and slaps the dude repeatedly. He's a bit too into the bad cop thing!

This yuan-ti villain has a syringe full of a potent concoction. Miranda grabs it and injects him. He dies!

The group looks through the room for stuff to loot. Strix opens a jug. Poison cloud! They survive.

The group goes through a hallway.. wait.. there's Ross, dabbing behind Holly. I love his little cameos. Down one hall is a ramp leading up to a room with a gong.

The group goes to room 9, a massive temple with balconies, a pool of blood, and a big stone statue of Dendar, the evil snake god. Evelyn is not happy. She's not a fan of Dendar, not at all.

Miranda checks out a glowing circle on a balcony. The group is down below... here comes snakes! 30 of them! Yuan-ti!

The disk flashes. Someone appears right in front of Miranda. It's Ras Nsi! Yikes.

He tells Miranda to tell the group to surrender.

That's where we stop!


Very good show! Rachel is awesome, she added a fun new dimension to the show.

I am now doing a Dice, Camera, Action discussion show every week on Twitch! It starts right after DCA ends. We have some awesome guests lined up for future episodes.

It airs live each week on my Twitch channel.

It is posted on youtube soon after.

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