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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 66 - Tomb of Annihilation

Episode 66: Ghosts and Goblins

Check out the above image. Looks like they got art of each character. Is it by Richard Whitters? Anybody know if there's anywhere we can see the full versions?

Geoff couldn't play today because he has con crud. His character, Chumba is with the group.

(Anna) Evelyn - Human Paladin of Lathander
(ProJared) Diath - Human Rogue
(Holly) Strix - Tiefling Sorcerer
(Nathan) Paultin - Human Bard
(Ross) Wumba - Batiri Goblin Warlock

Last episode, the group met some goblins and fought an undead tyrannosaurus rex.

Evelyn is enjoying being large. Strix enlarged her so she could fight the t. rex. Her enjoyment is bothersome, so Strix cancels it out.

The heroes come upon a large structure. It has giant stone feet on a dais that is covered in vines. Behind it is a passageway going into a hill, into the underground. The heroes spot some ghostly children moving further in.

Strix goes in and immediately falls into a pit trap. She takes 8 points of damage as she falls 20 feet to the bottom of this pit.

The heroes cross the pit in their own wacky way. Evelyn throws Wumba across, who dabs in mid-air. Then she throws Chumba across, who just barely makes it.

Umbril, Dragonbait and Waffles stay outside.

Diath looks for traps and is hit by whirling blades, which Holly finds to be hilarious. The group gets past the scything blades.

They see the ghost kids climbing up a 10 foot tall ledge. Evelyn can't wait to play with the children. Strix quietly judges her. Evelyn somehow senses it.

They come to a room where sunline strems through the ceiling. A cobweb-infested Vault. There's a pillar of stone with a staircase winding up outside of it. They see the girl on the shoulders of the boy going up the stairs.

Diath spots a glyph of warding. Paultin plays the maracccas, and Diath tries to disable the glyph... 22! He does it!

In the room beyond are dinosaur bones. The children scuttle out of view.

They see carvings of a crocodile carrying a man. This refers to an old legend in chult about a crocodile who tricks a man into carrying it around over vast distances.

Evelyn holds hands with Wumba. He's hit by lightning from the pillar. He makes a save... natural 20!  Evelyn helpfully warns the group that there's lightning in here

This is where they are

Mannn... Wumba only has 13 HP. How is he going to survive?

Wumba worships Dendar, the Night Serpent - an evil serpent that wants to eat the sun. He thinks about the legend of the crocodile and figures out how to circumvent the many traps in this place. You have to climb on someone's shoulders

They climb up on each other's shoulders. Diath had been carefully removes glyphs. The group chuckles that he risked himself for no real reason.

The group comes upon a holy container. Evelyn thinks it is linked to Lathander and she does a little dance, squealing about Lathander. In it is a flask of golden light. Anna is cracking me up. Hey! Wumba snatches it.

Wumba is holding it hostage. He wants Evelyn to say that Dendar is great or he'll smash it. She refuses. He spits on it and hands it over. This guy... somebody smite him! I am outraged.

Strix examines it and senses that it has some sort of transformative ability. Strix thinks it is for Evelyn, and that it will turn her back into a human.

Evelyn doesn't think Lathander sent this to her. The group asks Paultin to convince her, but he has nothing.  Ok, people. At this point, I'd say Evelyn should get over Paultin. This was a golden opportunity for something and he just didn't bother. Maybe Lathander is the only one for Evelyn.

Diath steps up and explains how blessed Evelyn is. This dude is the leader!

Evelyn drinks it! Light swells around her... and she's gone! The whole place is collapsing! The group uses magic to escape, leaving the goblins behind. Chumba and Wumba are in trouble.

Wumba jumps down the descending hall from which they came, using his brother to break his fall. Chumba's dead. He wants his brother's whistle... kicks his head off to get it!

Wumba has 1 hit point left and he has to jump that pit trap! He blows the whistle and leaps... rolls a 7. Wait! Something catches him! It's Dragonbait. He heard the whistle. Pretty good!

They escape. The place collapses, Chumba is dead and buried. Paultin saw what Chumba did, as he was a gas cloud. Paultin did the exact same thing, using Chris Trott's wereraven character to break his fall. Paultin seems appalled.

It would be funny if the group gets in a situation where they need to jump off a huge cliff and use a living giant to break their fall or something.

Wumba senses that the NPCs are about to turn on him. He uses expeditious retreat, holding up middle fingers as he vanishes into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Evelyn awakens in a palace of sunlight. Standing nearby is a golden giant with glowing eyes. This is Saint Andral, a servant of Lathander. He gives her a choice. Pick one:
  • Regain her human form
  • Get an enhanced version of her construct body
  • Get Lightfall back.
She takes the enchanced form! She now has a 22 Constitution! This is Lathander's blessing of health, sort of like a trickster god boon with no flaw attached.

Last episode, Chumba had tossed Diath his will. Diath reads it aloud. Long story short, he knew his brother would blow the whistle, and Chumba explains that he farted in it, haha.

That's where we stop!

No game next week... but in next week's time slot, There will be waffle crew sock puppet theater. They are going to recap the events of the show... in sock puppet form!

They talk a bit about the Game Grumps D&D show. It's called Dragons in Places. Jared is the DM! Holly will play, alone with Ross and some other Game Grumpers. It will be on youtube tomorrow.


I think this was the best session of the entire season so far. Hilarious, fun, and everybody was in the zone. Ross added a lot to the game, he is a very funny guy.


glados131 said...

Looking forward to the possibility of you checking out Dragons in Places! The Grumps are a funny bunch. Here's a quick crash course on who's who:

Arin- aka "Grump", more or less the de facto head of Game Grumps. He has a fairly larger-than-life personality. It is no surprise at all to Grumps fans that his D&D character is a girl.

Danny- aka "Not So Grump", the secondary head of Game Grumps and a pretty chill guy. Unfortunately he won't be on Dragons in Places as he's pretty busy with his music career. (Not unlike Nate!)

Ross- Well, you've seen him. A running joke among the community is he's also chaotic evil in real life-- and while he is actually a pretty nice guy, he also really enjoys pushing people's buttons. Maybe a little too much. (Also Holly's husband!)

Barry- former editor of Game Grumps. One of the most popular members of the team for his quirky sense of humor (and skill at video games).

Suzy- Arin's wife, and probably the most "normal" of the group, comparatively.

There are some others but they aren't on Dragons in Places. I'm looking forward to it! I've wanted to see them play D&D for a long time.

Silver Hood said...

Look forward to Dragons in Places, both the actual campaign, and the fan art! Twitter has been buzzing with fan art of the characters already, and a few cosplays (mostly of Holly's druid)!

I'm wondering if Jared will have the campaign set in a pre made campaign setting (like Sword Coast or Eberron). Is he going to run a jungle campaign? I can't wait to see after I get home from work later today! :D