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Monday, October 9, 2017

Adventures in Eberron - The Rogue Card

We played some more Eberron yesterday. My sorcerer is now 11th level. I can cast disintegrate!

In this one, we threw caution to the wind and drew a bunch of cards from the deck of many things. Then, I came very, very close to dying and we ended up in a really bad spot at the end.

Last time, we were about to be killed when our fighter used one of his deck of many things effects to wish it away.

We woke up.. the elder brain was gone. We survived! We made our way of the place, and appeared back in the far realm-touched house. We got a couple of keys and opened a treasure vault.

My character now has over 20,000 gold! Maybe I should gamble it on something. That would be fun. Is there a casino in Sharn?

The whole point of this was to get a harp for an NPC ally. It turns out that she wanted to use it to kill our party fighter! The first time we drew from the deck, the fighter and I both drew the "rogue" card, which means an NPC out there has magically been compelled to try to destroy us.

So we're in our bar (which hasn't opened yet, but will soon) and she uses the harp to summon the ghost of her dad. The ghost tries to kill the fighter. Our wizard tackled the NPC and beat her with a quarterstaff until she was unconscious. The fighter began battling the ghost-thing.

I grabbed the harp, ran outside and flung into the air. Then I cast fireball on it. This damaged the harp and the ghost. I couldn't believe the harp was still intact!

I looked around. There's this warforged who has a hot dog cart that we've made friends with a while back. I stuck the harp in the boiling hot dog water and yelled for every that it was going to blow. Then I fireballed the cart and boom, the harp was destroyed. The ghost vanished.

From there, we had no idea what to do with this NPC. The magic of the card was continually going to compel her to try to kill the fighter. Only a wish spell or divine intervention could end the effect. We actually still had a wish from our previous draws, but I thought it was a waste of a wish.

We threw around a bunch of ideas and somehow we settled on using the deck of many things to try to get another wish. Our wizard, who is very level-headed, really hated the idea but we out-voted her.

So... I started out with wanting to draw just one card. I declared that I was "due" for a good one. I drew... the Fool. I lost XP and had to draw another card.

Guess what that card was? Rogue! I now had another NPC enemy out there in Eberron. It was hilarious and horrible.

The fighter decided to try. ROGUE! I swear! The deck was shuffled immensely! How is this possible?! Now the fighter has another secret enemy.

I can't remember who drew the next two, as it was utter chaos. But wither the fighter or I drew another card: ROGUE. ANOTHER ROGUE.

I think I drew again, desperate to dig us out of this hole as the wizard pointed out that she thought this was a terrible idea from the start.

I drew.... The Fool. Again! Lost XP, had to draw one more card. I drew: Fates.

The fates allows you to ask a question from an otherworldy entity and get an answer. I asked about removing the effect on our NPC friend and didn't learn too much except that one of my 'rogue' enemies is Corellon, god of the elves! Correllon wants to kill me!

Once we calmed down from all that stuff, we decided to finally bite on an adventure hook that had been dangled in front of us for a year. We had dinner with some government officials. This turned into the sidekick of the evil of Sharn crashing the party and having a meeting with us.

This is apparently one of the leaders of Daask
Here's the deal:
  • Our senator friend has contracted a rare illness.
  • The bad guys can cure her if we do something for them.
  • The back guys want to abduct an alchemist who is hiding out with Daask (I didn't read this link because I don't want spoilers, but I thought you might be interested).
  • Our job is to create a distraction so that the bad guys can abduct the alchemist.
We left and told them we'd need a few hours to decide. After much debate, we agreed that this was a set-up but that we should just go and see what happens. We also agreed that we were going to make ridiculous demands for compensation.

We went back. I demanded an airship. I had settle for repairing a crashed one. My character was an airship pilot in the Last War, so my character has a thing for airships. The wizard was granted access to the secret archives of Sharn. I don't remember what the fighter got.

There are a bunch of ways to get to the underground lair of House Daask. We used a door that ended up being guarded by a roper. That roper grabbed me and bit me, dropping me to about half my hit points in a few rounds. We killed it and went inside.

There was 8 teleporting hobgoblin monks in here. We nearly had a TPK. I actually went down and was given a potion of healing, so I currently have 7 hit points. We haven't even gotten to the place we're going yet! I still have spells, but one hit and I'm down! We don't have a healer and potions of healing are illegal in the city.

That's where we stopped! Was awesome. The deck adds so much to D&D, it's really fun. I love random effects. I know it's not for everybody, but if I'm a player, I always want those as a part of the game.

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Bronk said...

This sounds awesome. You picked up some wicked enemies! I'm sure your DM was pretty happy too!

I finally managed to work the Deck of Many Things into one of my games fairly recently too!