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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Force Grey Season 2: Episode 6

I was hoping this show would give us a look at the tomb or something else, but it seems like this will mostly showcase the unique jungle encounters of Tomb of Annihilation. I do like the group, so this is enjoyable. It flies by.

The Party

(Joe Manganiello) Arkhan - Dragonborn Paladin of Tiamat
(Deborah Ann Woll) Jamilah - Human Barbarian
(Dylan Sprouse) Tyril Tallguy - Firbolg Druid
(Utkarsh Ambudkar) Hitch - Human Rogue
(Brian Posehn) Calliope - Half-Elf Bard

They wake up the next morning, emerging from their burrows.

Tyril notices that there's a tiny creature on Arkhan's shoulder. It's got a mask on. Arkhan uses divine sense, but he senses nothing. It seems attracted to Arkhan or something.

Calliope uses tongues to communicate with it. This thing is a chuwinga, an unaligned nature spirit. Since the undead have infested the jungle, the chuwinga have been dying out.

It goes away. Calliope calls for it to come back. Something is coming - it's running. A tree splinters and explodes and topples toward the group.

It's a triceratops! It's wounded or diseased or something. Hitch hides behind a tree.

The triceratops hits Jamilah but she does not fall prone. Tyril uses his tan bag of tricks... awesome. He pulls out a baboon and yells, "Go, Ookum!" Ookum is smelling his finger.

Ookum climbs onto the triceratops and starts raining down hammerfists.

Eep... another triceratops shows up.

Arkhan hacks into a triceratops and steam comes out of the wound (?). Arkhan breathes fire at it and rolls max damage: 18 points. He did a total of 76 points of damage in this round.

The triceratops turns and spews out white flame. Its open wounds peel back. It doesn't seem to feel pain.

Calliope uses magic to turn one triceratops against the other. He has tongues going - sounds like it worked. No, it made its save.

Jamilah rages, frenzies and recklessly attacks. As she laughs maniacally, she hacks into a triceratops for 18 points, then again for 15 points. Third attack: 15 more points. Man.

Hitch runs up Jamilah's back and stabs at it. He says, "Thanks guys, you're my best friends!" The blade goes through its neck. The triceratops dies as the baboon continues to pound on it.

Hitch tries to leap into Jamilah's arms. She steps to the side and he lands next to a puddle of blood. She helps him up and says, "Don't try that again."

That's where we stop!

The diseased triceratops are pretty cool. I wonder what that's all about?

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