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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Stream of Many Eyes: Day 2

OK, day two! A bunch of shows will all link to each other somehow.

Sirens of the Realms

I believe every character in the group is a bard. 

(Cynthia Marie) Girasol
(Krystina Arielle) Orisha
(Ladee Danger) Pearl
(Vivid Vivka) Ghost Half-elf/half-sprite
(Jason Charles Miller) Brig

The heroes are waiting in traffic. Half the payment up front. They tell each other what they've been doing.

They arrive at a manor - they have a gig.

There's a room for the group - their band is known as the Siren Sisters. Their instruments are there, along with water and healing potions. Brig quickly snatches up all 5 potions.

Ghost ends up with food all over her. Pearl casts prestidigitation on her. Ghost has the spell, but can never cast it. Pearl decides to help and pours a drink on her. Ghost struggles... she can't pronounce prestidigitation in real life, which is very amusing.. but eventually, she gets it!

A man approaches the group. He has a platter. His free hand is made of silver. Ghost snatches some wine flutes.

Someone important is here. The Open Lord of Waterdeep - Laeral Silverhand.

The NPC asks Ghost to steal a handkerchief from her. She sings an amusing little ditty and casts suggestion on Laeral. Laeral rolls a one! Handkerchief obtained.

The group looks around and notices some vents behind plants.

Ghost decides to try to fly up in a vent. She's never been able to fly using warding wind, but this time she rolls a 20! She goes in the vent.The group climbs up, too, and together they crawl deeper into the building.

There's a room with robed people wearing masks. One mask is of a blue snake. There's a plague doctor mask and a mirrored silver mask. They are talking about a dragon's hoard - treasure hidden in Waterdeep.

These individuals discuss their chosen agents:
  • Malakon Demodun. A scoundrel with extra-planar help. Not a noble, but has plenty of influence, especially with less well-to-do circles.
  • Tuko Pomoja a loyal and dedicated servant. An aasimar who traded his sword for the path of the fist.
  • Rosie Beestinger! is one.
  • A weaver of fates, elvish bard... Vlanya Umvarra.
The group whispers among each other and it snowballs into two of the group actually fall into the room. Brig quickly casts invisibility on himself. Ghost casts infestation, summoning black spiders.

A magic bean gets dropped, causing toadstools to sprout up from the ground.

In the middle of all this, the group hears their introduction. It's time for them to perform!

The players actually perform the song at the table.

Off the Table
This is a live roleplay session. Everyone is talking abut the Dragon's Hoard. The group is in the Yawning Portal, and their job is to find out more. These are the agents mentioned in the previous session....

 Ruty is playing an NPC - Durnan, the proprietor of the Yawning Portal. Durnan has this weird backstory where he's been alive for hundreds of years and is seemingly immortal.

The heroes order drinks. Durnan seems to know Rosie - most people seem to know Rosie.

Malakon approaches a tiefling. At the table with her is... Diath! Diath is at the table with a tiefling (who is not Strix) and they really don't want to be bothered.

Vlanya approaches some big dudes. It's Minsc! With his hamster, named Boo.

The group realizes that the barmaid (played by Liisa Lee) knows stuff. Rosie gets her to talk. The barmaid says someone stole something from Volo this morning. The thief was... covered in live fish?

Someone enters the tavern... Elminster! Played by Ed Greenwood! The monk tries to engage him but is rebuffed.

The group realizes the menu is coded - they figure out the coded word: Golor.

-- I've been having wifi issues and I missed two shows, unfortunately. From what I understand, there have been no further product announcements. Apparently they've been doing these live "escape room" scenarios between each show. --

Dark & Dicey

Nathan Sharp as Pluck the Kenku Swamp Druid
Anna Brisbin as Trixa Teardu the Lightfoot Halfling Barbarian
Hunter Hughes as Kovacs the Half-Elf Oathbreaker Paladin
Zach Callison as Werblund the Deep Gnome Ranger

Kaiji Tang as the Dungeon Master

The group has come to Waterdeep. They're being led by Topbutton. The sun has set, it's getting a bit dark. The city is on fire! There's smoke.. screams in the distance.

The group is really liking the chaos. They walk along traitor's way, which is usually packed with merchants. They come to Fizzlepot's Lordly Liquids. They see a huge dire boar parked out front.

Pluck tries to befriend it. The boar is intense, but nice.

There's a tortle named Philbert here who manages the place while Fizzlepot is away. The group tells the tortle they own it now and show him their documents. He wants to give the group some samples.

Suddenly, Mark Hulmes creeps onto the stage as his tiefling character. He gives Trixa a stone with eyes on it. He asks her to hold on to it for a time.

The artifact talks. It says it is an artifact of great power. It starts spouting weird factoids, like: you can't sneeze with your eyes open. The group names it Google McGuffin. Apparently its official name is the Stone of Golorr.

Mysterious individuals on horses are riding down the street toward the heroes. One of the riders calls out, "They have the stone! Kill them and retrieve it!"

The group flees on a small cart pulled by the big dire boar. They end up in a crowded street. The riders are gaining on them. Pluck and Topbutton lose control of the boar.. it crashes through some stalls.

Things get worse and worse. They crash through stained glass. Pluck casts darkness. The boar starts running in circles. Werblund casts fog cloud. The cart is weighed down, so the group starts chucking the crates in it - in the crates are bottles of fizzy water.

Trixa finds a sack full of gold. She doesn't want to throw it. They leave the area of darkness/fog.

The riders are closing in. The group tries ranged attacks but they keep missing.

2 riders jump on the roof of their cart. The heroes are able to dump them off.

They are barreling toward a section of Waterdeep called the City of the Dead. It's a massive cemetery.

Werblund quietly asks the stone if it can raise the dead in the graveyard... all of them. It says yes! It will take a few hours, though.

Pluck asks it: "Are we in trouble if we have you?" It says yes. Pluck throws it out of the wagon.

Werblund stops him.
The group argues a bit... Werblund insists that they keep it.

A black griffon soars down from the sky. The boar jumps up and rams/tramples the griffon and continues on. Werblund is losing it.. he starts cackling and yells out, "We're bringing home the bacon!"

The boar tells Pluck that's racist.

Trixa transforms into a demon. The boar stops. Trixa rushes at their pursuers and starts slicing into them. They try to run, but she tears them apart. She turns back to normal and has no memory of what just happened.

Archers open fire on the boar. The boar makes a sharp turn. The heroes make dex saves. Werblund loses his grip on the stone. It falls into a chest and the lid closes.

Their cart is starting to fall apart. The cart crashes... they're right by the Yawning Portal.. that's where we stop!

This page will be updated throughout the day.

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