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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Descent: Day Three

There is a big announcement at the very, very end of the stream. There will indeed be a fourth book, but I don't think it is what anyone was expecting.

Death Race

DM: Adam Lee

(Clint McElroy) Merle - Beach Dwarf Cleric
(Travis McElroy) Magnus Burnsides - Human Fighter
(James Haeck) Orellius Wreck - Tiefling of Mammon
(Dael Kingsmill) Carapace Tomahawk - Halfling Fighter
(Ari Levich) The Madcaps of the Scavenger

This game is a PVP situation. The players are divided into groups situated in competing war machines. 
  • The Tormenter: In this war machine are Merle & Magnus, who serve a warlord named Bitterbreath, who was once a very powerful devil and hopes to regain lost status.
    Demon Grinder: Orellius and Carapace serve Faeonor. She wants them to recover as many soul coins as they can.
  • The Scavenger: The Madcaps serve Mad Maggie. They have stolen a pile of soul coins from Mammon. The other two vehicles are trying to get the soul coins.
Mad Maggie has stolen a cache of soul coins from Mammon, and she has them in her machine, the Scavenger.  Maggie’s war machine heads into a chasm.

A madcap is a new monster - Mad Maggie’s brand of redcap. These creatures were once redcaps who have rolled around in demon ichor. Their hats melted into their face and they are crazy. 

The heroes pursue and their vehicles begin to collide. The players roll initiative.

Merle is driving Demon Grinder. He has demon ichor that can make the vehicle go faster. This stresses out the machine. If he uses the ichor, he will need to roll a d20 every round. Rolling a 1 means that a mishap will occur.

Orellius mans the wrecking ball, and hits the Tormenter with it. He does 39 points. The war machine has a mishap threshold of 20 - since the wrecking ball exceeded this, they roll a mishap. The tormenter’s axle is hit. The vehicle has disadvantage on Dexterity checks.

It can be repaired with a Dex save. The Tormenter has “juke”, which gives Magnus advantage on Dex saves. He is successful and fixes the issue.

The Tormenter has raking scythes. The madcap driver of the Scavenger makes a check and avoids the scythes. Carapace climbs up onto the harpoon station. She only does 6 points, which is below the Tormenter’s damage threshold of 10, and so it does no damage.

The madcaps on the Scavenger look back at the two other vehicles fighting and do nothing.

The Tormenter uses the scythes again and do enough damage to hit the mishap threshold. The tires shred and the vehicle flips over, falls prone, and comes to a dead stop. Any creature on the outside must make a DC 20 DEX save or be thrown from the vehicle. Creatures inside the vehicle must make a DC 15 STR save or take 13 points of bludgeoning. Scurve, the driver, falls unconscious.

Carapace jumps on to the Demon Grinder, Magnus spots her. Magnus punches her with his magic gauntlet, phantom fist. Phantom fist has a special power that knocks you back. She makes her safe.

The Scavenger turns around and drives toward the Demon Grinder. The redcaps on board fire a harpoon, but miss.

Orellius tries to jump onto the Demon Grinder, but James rolls a 2. He misses the vehicle.

Merle casts fireball at Carapace. She fails her save and takes a total of 22 fire damage. Hell warps the fireball, and places devil faces in the flames.

Carapace is on the side of the Tormenter. She moves down the side and is struck by Magnus again.

Orellius casts command on Merle, and tells him to “reverse”. Merle makes his save. Then he dumps some demon ichor into the fuel tube. Then he yells out, “Ramming speed!” and guns it toward the Scavenger. Merle casts shield of faith.

Are there airbags? No. But Adam says if there were, it would be a Hell airbag, possibly full of the screams of the damned.

Carapace shoots a banishing arrow at a madcap. She hits the driver, who is shunted to the feywild for a round.

The Tormenter and the Scavenger are about to collide. Magnus jumps off the Tormenter for safety. He goes flying over the Scavenger, and hits the ground, taking 17 damage. He succeeds on a DEX check to roll to his feet.

The madcaps in the Scavenger shoot harpoons (they do 2d8+1 dmg each) at the Tormenter.

The Tormenter and the Scavenger collide. The Scavenger takes 55 points of damage. The Tormenter is totaled. Merle’s shield of faith protects him somewhat. He take 50 points of damage. Merle is dying!

Carapace is on the roof as the vehicles collide. She makes an Athletics check to hold on, and rolls an 8. She goes flying through the air and takes 35 points of damage. She crashes to the ground and is dying.

Each madcap takes 50 points of damage and they all die.

The Tormenter flips through the air, burning. The soul coins are everywhere.

Orellius trudges over toward the cockpit of the Scavenger and tries to start it with a soul coin. The vehicle is upside down. He needs to get out and try to push it back to the upright position. The DC is a 20, and he rolls a natural 20!

Merle fails his first death save.

Magnus grabs a sack of soul coins. Because he has made a bargain with Bitterbreath, a massive cloud splits above his head. A pit fiend flies down and tells Magnus that he has won. His name is Bel (!). Bel wants to make a deal with Bel to procure his services in the future.

Magnus makes a deal. Bel heals Merle. In exchange, Magnus and Merle will serve Bel for 6 months.

Bel offers to heal Carapace, too. She will have to serve him for one year. Carapace takes the deal.

That was awesome.

End of Stream Announcement

At the end of the convert, Nathan Stewart gets on stage with Anna Prosser and Kate Welch. He's a little buzzed.

Time to make the announcement, as teased on Spoilers and Swag. Kate points out that this product is not linked to Spelljammer. It is a hardcover Eberron book. There's a warforged on the cover. Nathan says Greg Tito doesn't want him to say anything further.


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