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Monday, April 23, 2018

Dragon+ Issue 19

You can read this issue right here.

It's that time again! Dragon+ time! Someone needs to get the word out about this thing. It's free! Everyone should read it. There is a TON of good stuff in here, things you can actually use in your game.

It's also got... me! They announced the secret project I've been working on for quite awhile now: The Official Dice, Camera, Action wiki!

We start off with some talk about the 30th anniversary of The Crystal Shard. When that came out... it was Drizzt everywhere. Everybody I knew made a drow who fought with two swords. It was an epidemic.

There's a tribute to William O'Connor. He was a really awesome artist.

Interview with R.A. Salvatore: The interview with R.A. Salvatore has a giant list of the Drizzt books in chronological order. There's so many. All the way at the bottom is the short story collection, which has an audio version that is read by "All Stars"? Who are the all stars, you ask? The list includes: David Duchovny, Wil Wheaton, Sean Astin and Ice T. Apparently, Ice T insists on pronounced the "w" in "sword".

R.A. Salvatore talks about actually playing Drizzt in D&D with Ed Greenwood as a DM. How awesome is that? I'd like to see more of that. R.A. Salvatore should run Drizzt as a guest star on Critical Role or something.

5e Moloch

Mordenkainen's Path of the Planes: We get previews of some stuff from the upcoming book. The sibriex are in it! As are the sorrowsworn. And... Moloch! They actually give us a pdf of Moloch's entry from the book.

This one is especially interesting to me, because I put Moloch in my Emirikol's Guide to Devils. What's cool is that their version's story matches up with mine pretty well, and they included an awesome new idea: Moloch turns into an imp whenever he actually enters the Nine Hells.

Comparing stat blocks, mine is fairly similar to theirs. My biggest mistake was using the wrong die for hit points. Large monsters use a d10 for hit points. I used a d12.

Another cool thing: Moloch can be found in Sigil where he bargains with yugoloths to build an army to raid Malbolge and take back his throne. Moloch is in Sigil! Awesome.

Qawasha & Kupalo: This is the third part of a pretty gigantic short story by Adam Lee. This one involves the city of Mezro and is pretty cool. There's some flavor text I'm going to steal for my campaign: "....a cursed neotent of some forgotten god that burbled and clutched the air as it groped with its claws for living flesh."

Interview with Myke Cole: The author of The Armored Saint. A D&D-loving author who was in the military. He was playing Morrowind while his base got bombed.

Cooperative World Building: This article gives your group a way to create a campaign world together. I don't know why, but this kind of thing gives me the shivers. Any time a player encroaches on the DM's territory, I feel weird about it.

At the very least, I know that some players don't want to create the world, and they would just sit there while others did all of the creating.

Hey, I'm sure it works for other people. I think I might enjoy it if we were all drunk.

Best of the DM's Guild: Ruins of Matolo

Dragon Archives: They made pdfs out of githyanki articles from previous editions! This is of special interest to me, as I thoroughly enjoyed making my guide to the githyanki.

They present a pdf of the 1st edition githyanki adventure, Fedifensor... and then they give us 5e stats for the titular sword!

Hounds of Space and Darkness: Gith dogs!! I missed this!

5e stats for Vlaakith!! 3e stats for Vlaakith!

Unearthed Arcana: The Order domain, clerics devoted to law. They can give allies a reaction attack. This is right up my alley. I love "Law" in D&D, and I enjoy running warlord-type classes.

Maps: Tons of maps from Tomb of Annihilation and Out of the Abyss. They even include one map from Expedition to the Demonweb Pits!

Video & Audio Highlights: There it is... the announcement of the Dice, Camera, Action Wiki! The author of this article shot me an email and I sent him a giant, rambling missive which he organized quite nicely!

This blog has given me many really cool opportunities. Thanks so much for reading it!

Also, seriously, get this issue! It's free! There's useful stuff in it.


Anonymous said...

sadly I cant download any of the pdf contend from dragon+

Ryan said...

Cooperative world-building can be a blast! There are systems that really encourage or even make it a facet of the game itself. You're right that in D&D it might require the right group to get something out of it, but it can be a fun creative exercise nonetheless. It can really bring some players out of their shells if they feel they're playing in a world they helped create.